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“Give and Take”- A policy that most of our present generation believes in adhering to, but when it comes to giving back the society what we get from it,all of us end up being mere hypocrites.
Our society molds us, nurtures us, in all it educates us to be what we aspire to.
An education system is not one that only helps raise the literacy rate as literacy is only a mean to be educated. Education is much beyond literacy. Does our current education system inspire and encourage people to go the “Rancho” way??(Rancho from 3 idiots)

Well, I have thought on it, and slept on it…but the answer is the obvious no. It’s certainly very natural for all parents  to want to see their kids to be well off and well settled with a stable life inclusive of the minimum risks plausible. But at what price and with what risks does this well settled life come?


At the price of having a dis-satisfactory career, followed by frustration that hinders one’s ability to perform at the job. This frustration of not being able to keep up or do as one wills to takes over their whole life. It ends up disrupting one’s personal life and effecting the health and sometimes these effects are can be quite adverse. And there now, everyone can see it, down the drain goes a parents dream life for his child.

U.S has the system where citizen has to play the part of a juror, and Singapore has the system where a citizen has to choose between serving time in the army and working for the social services. All these rules are designed to educate the young and instigate them into inculcating a sense of social responsibility.

Every cloud has a silver lining, its high time we let the silver line dominate and let the child choose. We educate the children to follow their gut, respect the society, learn by themselves and make decisions for their own selves and the child sure to do wonders in his field. Even if he falls, he at least learns how to stand up and continue the journey taking the driver’s seat of his own life.

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Ever since man came into being and learnt to value his existence, he also learnt to recognize pain and harm, both physical and emotional. This recognition led to the concept of good and evil thus the realization that the evil ought to be punished. With the evolution of civilization the interaction between man and his fellow beings started rising to a different level all together. And that’s when people also learnt the value of the role which ethics played in maintaining peace and harmony in the society. Men then felt the need of an unbiased power that would met out justice and penalize the wrong doers thus discouraging others from following the unethical path. This power has now taken the form of the judicial system.

The Indian judicial system was formed with the objective of meting out justice to a vast country
with a vast multi cultured population. In spite of being formed by the best minds of our post
independence era it always has been found to be having its own very major and vast variety
of loopholes. The laws which had been so judiciously designed to meet out justice in an unbiased
manner due to their impracticality are now actually criminalized of safeguarding the guilty, and leaving them unscathed. It has never been a cake walk for the victims or for the innocent to prove their point.

Decisions in our courts are largely made on the basis of proof recovered from the crime scene and
the word of the witness. It has always been a known fact that witnesses can be bought and proof
can be satisfyingly tampered with. It’s well known that witnesses can be harassed and tortured up
to various degrees to make them testify in favor of the guilty or simply remain tight-lipped. The
witness is made to swear by the Gita that he will tell nothing but only the truth. This is thus also an
insult to our holy Gita which has been sworn upon so untruthfully countless number of times.
Another factor that has always been a major hindrance in the path to justice is the influence of
the wrong sort of power, to be precise the political power and power of rich which lies in money.
Corruption has sown its seeds deep into our social system and needless to say it has a tentacular grip
on our judicial system too thus slowing down the process of justice.


There are various examples of how political power has always had a hand over the judicial power.
And one of the examples that stares in the face is the famous terror case of the parliament attack
where in the government had overruled the supreme court’s decision of handing a death sentence
to the convicted terrorist Afzal for its own political reasons which can very precisely be guessed to
be vote bank politics. The case of 1993 terror attack in Mumbai, the case of riots in Punjab and in the
recent past the case of molestation of Ruchika by a higher officer which has surfaced 8 years later
only after he resigned exemplify the failure of our judiciary. The list could go on as the newspapers
come up every other day with a new story of an unresolved case which lay deep beneath in the huge
pile of files and files of cases in the backyard of the police station. Mostly the journey of the victim
to the court is so tiring that there are few brave who can withstand it.Image

Nevertheless one has to agree that the problem lies not only in the judicial system but the society as a whole. And this poll speaks for itself.


Corruption breeds on human faults like greed and the tendency to take the easy path and giving in to the pressure of getting things done. It cannot exist by itself without support from our corrupt nature. We might blame the politicians and the higher officials and the loopholes in the system of governance but the lets face the fact, they exploit us only because we allow them to and there lies on of the major loopholes. The other one is our sheer lack of awareness coupled with ignorance of what we can do when faced with a situation concerning corruption.

The system cannot be changed from the outside; one has to be a part of the system to change it. If we can choose our government, pay the tax and thus contribute to the running and development of our nation we not only have the right but rather one could say that we are obliged and have a responsibility to ensure efficient governance and right use of our tax money. Citizens form the first and last line of defense against corruption and mis-governance.

The great saint Vivekananda once said “So long as millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every person a traitor who, having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them.” 65 years since independence our country is still on the same page it was. Inspite of the best industrial developments, poverty, corruption, blood bath in the name of religion looms over the country. We have nurtured and build a society where the rich get richer and also get away with all the sins they commit and the poor get poor and have nowhere and no one to turn to. And how many of us actually think of giving back to the society and what we have gained from it.

The only hope of finding our way out of this mess that we have made ourselves due to our own lack of commitment to the society and our ignorance is a fresh breath meaning youth. Giving in is always easy. But it has its consequences in the larger picture. So the least the youth can do is to have the urge and the willingness to fight. Liberalization and change is possible only when youth voluntarily take up the reins to lead us back on to the track. Thereby bringing back the long lost faith and courage in the people and transforming our slow and frustrating Indian judicial system, mad political system and our society into the just system that we all desire and deserve.

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As women continue treading on the path that women liberationists have cleared for us, I am forced to stop and wonder whether the society can actually boast of having taken a steady step towards acheiveing gender equity. Yes,we can boast about quite a few Sonia Gandhis and Kiran bedis,but for every one such successfull woman there are thousands of others who wake up in the morning wondering what crime they had committed to be born as a woman.The no. of “reported” abuse cases seem to be innumerable.And eve teasing has become rather a way of life as society firmly continues to state them to be just minor issues.Never does our society realize that its the minor issues that build a base for the development of bigger ones.Gender equity is not all about equal pay and just education to the privileged few women, it is about bringing a change in the mind set of the society.

A right is never given,its taken. A right given is equivalent to a permission.Till the day the terms like rights for women and women empowerment cease to exist-the question will persist-gender equity- is it for real or is it just an illusion?

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“Most people believe we…

“Most people believe we have free will. That we all choose our path. Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes not so much. Every twist, every turn can challenge our sense of direction.” –Dexter

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