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Life- The Incorrigible All

Sometimes life is an incorrigible twister and a chameleon. It has these clandestine meetings with luck, hope, and wish and will to sketch out the destiny. It is tyrannical and unpredictable. Sometimes giving you a say and sometimes throwing away your proposals and stepping on them as though they were just dead dry leaves.

My life has neither been struck by tragic lightening nor by the most illuminating ray of sudden success. It has been a series of consecutive bumps at times and then suddenly out of nowhere hi fiving me for my endurance (I guess) comes a ray of giggling and shimmering of hope. I say Giggling because I find that life is the epitome of sarcasm and irony. I have equated success here with happiness because I guess that’s the phase of life I am going through now. Although again who am I to judge thy tyrannical judge of all.

But as I look around me I am faced with contrasting colors of darkness. A child from my class lives with her three sisters and grand mom after seeing her mom burn to death two years back. She has seen and been a part of what most of us dread to the end of our time- death and loss and continued sufferings. She exhibits all the colors, red with anger and frustration to bright yellow in the darkness when shaking with humorous laughter.

She and many more of these kids are where they are because life has put them there and is playing his favorite pass time- chess. But when one of my other kids beats me, and three others at an actual game of human made chess, I am filled with pride and hope that maybe he will check mate life’s endless brickbats.

Today when I was plying down the road and ominous clouds loomed over all, I saw an old man bent over with age and with shaky knees cross the road mustering up all the courage he had. I was then transported into the novel “The Little Princess” by Frances Hodgsun Burnett where she is comes face to face with poverty in two scenarios, the first as an outsider and second time, life gives her a firsthand experience. The aura around me as I travelled gave me the feel of being in an old English street where I could see the various strata of the society we had divided ourselves into.

Then I remembered the two systems of life in the Shiva Triology. One where all were given an equal opportunity to excel and choose their path in life in accordance to a set of rules laid out for them. The other system was where there co-existed a sense of freedom and self esteem along with the absolute chaos and disruption of an almost lawless society, a society that believed freedom of choice at any and every step to be the only law of the land.

As I face the contrasting colors of darkness each day, I hope and wish to find a mid way between the above to systems. Necessity demands that we reform the social structure, nurturing will to make sure we give each person equal opportunity, basic amenities and access to the 21st century developments. An education system and a fair healthcare system that is within the reach of all for starts are what matter the most in today’s scenario. We must always remember that a child is not born as anything but in the pure form. It is the child’s reaction to the experiences that are inclusive of predicaments and successes that decide his future. As it is from life’s fruits itself that we mould our hopes, wishes and will. Thus becomes our responsibility as a society to try and provide the newcomers with the best experiences we can. Then it just might increase the chances of them winning the game of chess with their own brickbats ready to respond to life, life- the incorrigible all.