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What Am I Selling?

I always have a wonderful time reading his blog and it would certainly be wonderful too,to have other bloggers benefited from Harsh Reality the power blogger! More good stuff for us to read, look at and learn from!

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Interview with a stone!

This Homosexual has a whole age named after it. I prefer to call the stone she, only because I am partial to this gender, of course with her permission. She too has a preference you see! This is the first ever time in her eternal existence that somebody has noticed her enough to ask for her an interview! Oh people of sorts do notice her! So in this interview she comes forward with her thoughts revolving around her existence. Excerpts from the interview:-

Q) For how long have you been around?

Seriously you want me to answer that?? Well, I haven’t researched on it, like your species is obsessed with doing. You should ask one of those 4 eyed, big headed, huge eared and white linen endorsing friends of yours.  (Doctors/ scientists)

Q) Why Homosexual?

Well to me it’s a choice I made because I stand and connect with the hand that you deal to the homosexuals in your society. And well, I come in all shapes and sizes!

Q) How do you like your life on this planet?

On this planet you ask? Nicely phrased! I am sure my counterparts on other planets lead a very peaceful but drab and least happening life! Do I prefer drab to drudgery, bully, ignorance, and usefulness? Do I like my dishonored, betrayed stomped upon life? A question that torments me always! But would I want to take your place in life, maybe yes, but I wouldn’t want to be you!

Q) Ahaaa.. Would you like to elaborate on your comments?

Like to? I would love to! Can you and your friends count the number of places you see me, the number ways you use me and the number of times you give me credit? You will place me in beautiful parks; fit me cozily and tightly with my friends to form a view that could be marketed for what is that thing you call, ha tourism. Basically try to get people to come and gape at me and your other innovations.

Q) Don’t you like being admired?

Nope, almost never. It makes us almost claustrophobic! Now don’t interrupt me!

Q) Okay miss..

Then you will cut me, skin me and you will call it your skill, and then call yourself the sculptor. You will get my photo with you taken and then you will roam free in search of another victim! Do you ever acknowledge my presence!

You will bulldoze me out and crash me when you need your high rise building! And your species will say “Oh how wonderful, they have managed to move those huge things!” and then you will then gawk at your superficial steel and glass structure!

You will throw me at your counterparts, making me do your dirty work. You hurt me and make me hurt others. You will crush me to make pathways, rubbing it literally in my face that you can move around as and when you wish to.

You expect us not to retaliate. When the ground shakes causing what you an earth quake, and we pelt you and drive you down, you cry at the atrocities you have committed, and then regroup and rebuild to commit a few more.

Q) Now I feel meek and don’t know what to say!

Don’t say a thing; I was used to make fire by your primates. I did not mind because they needed our help to survive then.  And then they lived among us in our caves. But development and Charles Darwin’s theory became way too real and your exploitation styles changed. All we ask for is mid way and a line drawn so that we feel a part of this world with our contribution but we don’t burn ourselves out to the point of non-existence or rebelliousness. And yes, credit, your species should learn to give that!

Me:- Thank you so much for a glimpse into the minds and lives of your eternal species! I applaud all that you bear to give us our desired life.


Now how many people do we treat in the similar manner as we treat the stone! Each one of us does the same. We do it to get ahead. We do it because it’s our way of life. We do it because it’s the easiest way to get where we are going. We do it because stratification in our society and our way of life is mixed as though milk and water. We never stop to give a thought just drink it in.

I hope we notice our actions, think about our thought process so that a change in mindsets gets flowing and we do justice to the concepts of equity, justice and tolerance.

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Pissed and directionless!

Pissed and directionless!

You could caption it your way! 🙂

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I really could not think of another caption, something about the final output of all the strokes made the whole sketch look somehow animal like! Hence the Caption! Nope, do not ask me which animal! No idea, but if you think it looks like something then please do share your thoughts!

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Rambling thoughts on re-incarnation

Are people really made for one another? Are matches actually made in heaven?

Is there actually a heaven or a secret place for souls to re energize themselves and to choose when, where and how to enter the world of the hosts? Do they, the souls actually get to choose??

Does a re-birth actually exist in real life?? If it doesn’t, then where do these intriguing stories about a kid knowing family histories and how he died last time he was on earth, come from? Mind you, these are quite a few of them and quite well verified ones too.  And hypnotic doctors who by hypnotism take you back to your preceding lives. Many fears and various other psychological problems have been solved by these hypnotic doctors.

Do I sound loony to you, but well I am not kidding, these are articles I have read in the paper, things I have seen on T.V. You could check this out,

Then I have this book, Science and re-incarnation, mind you it says science. Well I remember reading that re birth for souls is like a change of clothes. Woah!! Am I starting to sound weirder by the second? But well somewhere deep down, I like to believe in this rebirth concept. Although I do like to live life like I can do it only once, the concept of being reincarnated is intriguing.

If you asked me whether I would like to know who I was, or what I did last time I was here on planet earth, then no, I don’t want to know. It would make me feel old and way too wise, if there is something called too wise!  It would feel very weird and who knows what nonsense I had cooked up in my previous lives, don’t want to go around feeling more silly, stupid or guilty and carrying extra baggage. I am sure there would be good stuff too, but owing to the overload I am guessing I wouldn’t be allowed to fly in this life. Nope wouldn’t want to miss my flight!

No wonder, that we are designed or rather our life cycles are designed to crash and dump all those memories! Everything has a science or reason attached to it you see. I remember watching a Fringe episode, where Walter Bishop proposed this concept of life or soul being a packet of energy. So according to law of conservation of energy, this energy has to be absorbed somehow, thus resulting in giving of new life or renewing the old or almost flushed out one. And in this scene, someone was dead and that energy got transferred to another person who has just had an accident in another part of the world. It’s weird and funny, the guy just suddenly wakes up, lifts his head from the driving wheel, is puzzled of course, but just drives off( I guess so)!

I know I am just rambling on but, I am a pure layman when it comes to actual knowledge on this topic! All throughout this rambling account of my thoughts, I do sound like I completely believe in reincarnation. But a part of me is also skeptical of the whole concept, as we generally are about the unknown! A life cycle that is quite logically explained by science, and if the same science cannot guarantee this theory, it does make me by logic shoo away this belief of mine in it! Though just because something is unknown does not mean it is untrue! And I back to believing and rambling again!

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The Thrill of Blogging!

What is it with blogging? Is it like an addiction? But can’t be that from my own experience. I had started blogging in 2012 and then after a few posts, it all came to a stand still. I got bogged down by other things( Damn college life and teenage wishy washy brain eating parasites) and somehow could not channel my energy into a positive bucket, WP being that bucket.

But now that I am back, I can’t seem to want to stop. Even when I have hordes of other work to do, If  I have’t touched upon this blog of mine, I feel like I am bursting inwards.

There could be a few reasons behind it. Every person has some form of creativity to boast of. I am not saying I am super talented because the intensity and versatility of talent and depth of thought I have been exposed to on WP has humbled me and inspired me at the same time. Well the point is that this is my output energy packet shooting destination. Its the place I come to when I am restless, reckless, soothed or just in a pensive mode.

But I could just do what I do and not put it up on WP. But it also the thrill of sharing a part of you, a part of our mind and maybe something close to our heart with complete strangers. It gives me a sense of freedom, I almost hate sharing what I write or do here on FB. It feels like an intrusion into my private space, not all the time of course, but quite a few number of times.  When a person whom I have never known, never might know or see, likes something I do or likes a poem I have written, that star on the front page enthrals me. And a +, the idea that somebody wants to see more of me makes my heart blush. At least that’s what I feel being a maiden blogger. I am not sure how long this thrill lasts. But seeing that comment warms my heart.

I had once read that it takes 68 continuous go’s to turn something into an habit. Does a habit bring thrill into ones life. But word habit sounds like such a rut. So when blogging becomes my habit will it still ignite my day as it does now.

Something tells me it might. This crazy innovation is after all my thrilling energy outlet!! Happy bloggin Y’all!

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Freedom- from whom?

Freedom, I crave for it as I never craved for anything else,

I envy it, And I envy its freedom to bestow whomsoever it wishes with its power,

I envy those who have it, wondering why do I lack it,

But what is magical about it? And what power does it endow one with?

And what is it that I do not have? I do not know,

But it is freedom I need and I crave for I am sure!

I am high on the need for it, But what do I need to be free from?

My head play’s devils advocate with itself!

What holds me back, I ask?

My own beliefs, my habits, my obligations, the people who are mine?

But I want the freedom to be thought capable of having it-it the freedom,

And crave for the freedom to have the life of my own making,

And not the pool of another’s dressings!

How do I free myself from these? Aren’t these life’s footholds?

How do I untangle my self from these servile bands?

Why do I hold me back?And how do I free me?

It is the freedom of not being impacted by others that I want,

And now that I say it, It seems obvious!

The only one who can grant me freedom is my mind,

I have to shed my own blood in my battlefield and acquit myself as my own judge in my mind’s court!

To sweat out my own inhibitions, to beat down my self placed obstacles!

Those that have control over me are controlled by me you see!

Its all a game of freedom from whom?

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Brain’s Scratch Pad

Can you see the eyes?

ImageImageLife is hazy and the brain is going crazy, so on and on it goes scratching away to gloryImage

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What’s feminism? What are my feministic ideas??…I wonder


Are feminists those people who wish to tilt gender equity scales so that someday men will need malists on their side. Yup, Malists , you read that just right, I invented a future word, did I?

Well your answer to that will decide how far ahead you are in the feminist track? Some people might say that you are insanely crappy and it’s because of you that women nowadays think that they rule the world and are in over their head.

To tell you the truth there have been times when I seriously hoped that the future would punish the opposite gender as harshly as plausible and maybe I would be a part of that future. But men if you are reading this you have some very lucky charms on your side, there are quite a few who act quite human and quite apart from your animalistic counter parts. Would not want accusations of such a large collateral damage count thrown at us!

I have heard of varied accounts of feminism. Wanting the social freedom to look like a female George Clooney, wanting to be able to go out whenever we wish too, and not being looked at like an eatable. There is also the fight for equal pay equal rights and against our merit and capabilities being doubted, our choice of jobs looked down upon and so on and so forth.

I guess feminism boils down to not being told what to do and what no to do just because one is a woman or being stamped upon and expected to do something because of the same.

People will argue that each gender has its own capabilities and own jobs and they should stick to it; else it would disrupt social dynamics further than it already has.  Okay, maybe we women are not built to be as physically strong as men, but don’t we have enough proof already that we are as good as the rest at any job that requires strength because application of strength needs to be combined with inputs from the brain???

Rape and sexual abuse are crime against the living world and in my opinion do not come under feminist mindsets or attacks. And there is a dire need of an anti rape and anti sexual abuse police force around working like secret agents if possible. I would like to believe that anything is possible!

What about the very sensitive topic of limitations on our freedom when compared to that of the guys?

I am born in a normal middle class Indian family and in a society that is in between ages and in a forever going on transition. It can be a little confusing to decide between what I want and what is wise. Well I am all for freedom with responsibility but as a wise man once told me “Why would you go into the lion’s den knowing the beast was inside and you stood no chance against it, you do not how to fight it, so what‘s more valuable? your life and your long term dreams or your whims and fantasies?”. But again the feminist fire within me attacks saying,” how careful can we get and how much fear can we take and live with? It’s just slowly becoming our way of life.” However I prefer to find a way around, compromise while working on my dreams and a better future for the coming gen Xes.

Feminism is such a varying term and people are at such different places on its track that giving a specific definition is a confusing task.

What’s feminism again? I wonder..

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Happy Holi!!

Happy Holi!!

Holi a festival that fills the darkest days of our life with the brightest colors!

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