What’s feminism? What are my feministic ideas??…I wonder


Are feminists those people who wish to tilt gender equity scales so that someday men will need malists on their side. Yup, Malists , you read that just right, I invented a future word, did I?

Well your answer to that will decide how far ahead you are in the feminist track? Some people might say that you are insanely crappy and it’s because of you that women nowadays think that they rule the world and are in over their head.

To tell you the truth there have been times when I seriously hoped that the future would punish the opposite gender as harshly as plausible and maybe I would be a part of that future. But men if you are reading this you have some very lucky charms on your side, there are quite a few who act quite human and quite apart from your animalistic counter parts. Would not want accusations of such a large collateral damage count thrown at us!

I have heard of varied accounts of feminism. Wanting the social freedom to look like a female George Clooney, wanting to be able to go out whenever we wish too, and not being looked at like an eatable. There is also the fight for equal pay equal rights and against our merit and capabilities being doubted, our choice of jobs looked down upon and so on and so forth.

I guess feminism boils down to not being told what to do and what no to do just because one is a woman or being stamped upon and expected to do something because of the same.

People will argue that each gender has its own capabilities and own jobs and they should stick to it; else it would disrupt social dynamics further than it already has.  Okay, maybe we women are not built to be as physically strong as men, but don’t we have enough proof already that we are as good as the rest at any job that requires strength because application of strength needs to be combined with inputs from the brain???

Rape and sexual abuse are crime against the living world and in my opinion do not come under feminist mindsets or attacks. And there is a dire need of an anti rape and anti sexual abuse police force around working like secret agents if possible. I would like to believe that anything is possible!

What about the very sensitive topic of limitations on our freedom when compared to that of the guys?

I am born in a normal middle class Indian family and in a society that is in between ages and in a forever going on transition. It can be a little confusing to decide between what I want and what is wise. Well I am all for freedom with responsibility but as a wise man once told me “Why would you go into the lion’s den knowing the beast was inside and you stood no chance against it, you do not how to fight it, so what‘s more valuable? your life and your long term dreams or your whims and fantasies?”. But again the feminist fire within me attacks saying,” how careful can we get and how much fear can we take and live with? It’s just slowly becoming our way of life.” However I prefer to find a way around, compromise while working on my dreams and a better future for the coming gen Xes.

Feminism is such a varying term and people are at such different places on its track that giving a specific definition is a confusing task.

What’s feminism again? I wonder..

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3 thoughts on “What’s feminism? What are my feministic ideas??…I wonder

  1. Akriti

    I insist you read this – Does the ‘F’ Word Scare You ? http://wp.me/p3N7Ca-8r via @wordpressdotcom


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