The Thrill of Blogging!

What is it with blogging? Is it like an addiction? But can’t be that from my own experience. I had started blogging in 2012 and then after a few posts, it all came to a stand still. I got bogged down by other things( Damn college life and teenage wishy washy brain eating parasites) and somehow could not channel my energy into a positive bucket, WP being that bucket.

But now that I am back, I can’t seem to want to stop. Even when I have hordes of other work to do, If  I have’t touched upon this blog of mine, I feel like I am bursting inwards.

There could be a few reasons behind it. Every person has some form of creativity to boast of. I am not saying I am super talented because the intensity and versatility of talent and depth of thought I have been exposed to on WP has humbled me and inspired me at the same time. Well the point is that this is my output energy packet shooting destination. Its the place I come to when I am restless, reckless, soothed or just in a pensive mode.

But I could just do what I do and not put it up on WP. But it also the thrill of sharing a part of you, a part of our mind and maybe something close to our heart with complete strangers. It gives me a sense of freedom, I almost hate sharing what I write or do here on FB. It feels like an intrusion into my private space, not all the time of course, but quite a few number of times.  When a person whom I have never known, never might know or see, likes something I do or likes a poem I have written, that star on the front page enthrals me. And a +, the idea that somebody wants to see more of me makes my heart blush. At least that’s what I feel being a maiden blogger. I am not sure how long this thrill lasts. But seeing that comment warms my heart.

I had once read that it takes 68 continuous go’s to turn something into an habit. Does a habit bring thrill into ones life. But word habit sounds like such a rut. So when blogging becomes my habit will it still ignite my day as it does now.

Something tells me it might. This crazy innovation is after all my thrilling energy outlet!! Happy bloggin Y’all!

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11 thoughts on “The Thrill of Blogging!

  1. WordPress is like a family. Keep smiling! Keep blogging!


  2. I vote for it being an addiction. All of my time seems to be used in the care and feeding of my blog.


  3. I can totally relate with it , its like you spoke my mind! Every part of my body iches to write even and ESPECIALLY when i don,t have enough time. But its an awesome feeling being acknowledged by this wp family! We are with you pranita, keep up the good work!
    Love, Zee ❤


  4. I think any blogger who is blogging for long time is blogging because of that thrill which you are feeling now. It is hardly a rewarding business, writing your heart out and getting few comments and likes to show but the essence of blog is the connections you make…I think you find people with same wavelength who total strangers but think totally like you. 🙂 😀


  5. pranitapatra(how do yo pronounce this difficult name?),
    blogging,creativity,singing,arts i always believed is a god’s have it.keep blogging and do not let that passion my case i lost it somewhere and i can’t write anything now.After all a teacher is one
    who leads the way right?


    • Pranita is my name! 🙂 Well, I believe that no talent can ever be lost. Talent and passion can get rusty but if you touch upon it again, its revived!!


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