Rambling thoughts on re-incarnation

Are people really made for one another? Are matches actually made in heaven?

Is there actually a heaven or a secret place for souls to re energize themselves and to choose when, where and how to enter the world of the hosts? Do they, the souls actually get to choose??

Does a re-birth actually exist in real life?? If it doesn’t, then where do these intriguing stories about a kid knowing family histories and how he died last time he was on earth, come from? Mind you, these are quite a few of them and quite well verified ones too.  And hypnotic doctors who by hypnotism take you back to your preceding lives. Many fears and various other psychological problems have been solved by these hypnotic doctors.

Do I sound loony to you, but well I am not kidding, these are articles I have read in the paper, things I have seen on T.V. You could check this out,  http://www.brianweiss.com/


Then I have this book, Science and re-incarnation, mind you it says science. Well I remember reading that re birth for souls is like a change of clothes. Woah!! Am I starting to sound weirder by the second? But well somewhere deep down, I like to believe in this rebirth concept. Although I do like to live life like I can do it only once, the concept of being reincarnated is intriguing.

If you asked me whether I would like to know who I was, or what I did last time I was here on planet earth, then no, I don’t want to know. It would make me feel old and way too wise, if there is something called too wise!  It would feel very weird and who knows what nonsense I had cooked up in my previous lives, don’t want to go around feeling more silly, stupid or guilty and carrying extra baggage. I am sure there would be good stuff too, but owing to the overload I am guessing I wouldn’t be allowed to fly in this life. Nope wouldn’t want to miss my flight!

No wonder, that we are designed or rather our life cycles are designed to crash and dump all those memories! Everything has a science or reason attached to it you see. I remember watching a Fringe episode, where Walter Bishop proposed this concept of life or soul being a packet of energy. So according to law of conservation of energy, this energy has to be absorbed somehow, thus resulting in giving of new life or renewing the old or almost flushed out one. And in this scene, someone was dead and that energy got transferred to another person who has just had an accident in another part of the world. It’s weird and funny, the guy just suddenly wakes up, lifts his head from the driving wheel, is puzzled of course, but just drives off( I guess so)!

I know I am just rambling on but, I am a pure layman when it comes to actual knowledge on this topic! All throughout this rambling account of my thoughts, I do sound like I completely believe in reincarnation. But a part of me is also skeptical of the whole concept, as we generally are about the unknown! A life cycle that is quite logically explained by science, and if the same science cannot guarantee this theory, it does make me by logic shoo away this belief of mine in it! Though just because something is unknown does not mean it is untrue! And I back to believing and rambling again!

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9 thoughts on “Rambling thoughts on re-incarnation

  1. Everything is real until it is disproved! Fairytales, angels & demons are also true! Imagination is brilliant!


    • I know, Its always fun to imagine all kinds of things, however silly they may seem! 🙂 And after all science also needs a huge amount of imagination !


  2. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    Nice write up 🙂


  3. I don’t particularly believe in incarnation but it is an interesting concept nonetheless. And the way you wrote the article with all the references and stuff, it made it a good read. I like it Pranita 🙂


  4. Pranita i really don’t have enough scientific knowledge to say if reincarnation is true but whenever i see two people living in two different countries have identical faces it always puzzled me!
    Now talking about imagination how about the lyrics of this song from a mohanlal starrer malayalam movie-

    ee chillayil ninnu bhoomi tan koumara
    kalathilekku parakkam
    vaakukolekke pirakkunnathin munbu
    pookum nilavil kalikkam……

    let’s fly from this branch of the tree
    to the teenage years of our earth.
    That day where words were not born
    let’s play in that beautiful moonlight there…


    • Nice lyrics.. 🙂 And it is said that seven people in the world look similar or same, because they have the same DNA structure I guess !


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