Interview with a stone!

This Homosexual has a whole age named after it. I prefer to call the stone she, only because I am partial to this gender, of course with her permission. She too has a preference you see! This is the first ever time in her eternal existence that somebody has noticed her enough to ask for her an interview! Oh people of sorts do notice her! So in this interview she comes forward with her thoughts revolving around her existence. Excerpts from the interview:-

Q) For how long have you been around?

Seriously you want me to answer that?? Well, I haven’t researched on it, like your species is obsessed with doing. You should ask one of those 4 eyed, big headed, huge eared and white linen endorsing friends of yours.  (Doctors/ scientists)

Q) Why Homosexual?

Well to me it’s a choice I made because I stand and connect with the hand that you deal to the homosexuals in your society. And well, I come in all shapes and sizes!

Q) How do you like your life on this planet?

On this planet you ask? Nicely phrased! I am sure my counterparts on other planets lead a very peaceful but drab and least happening life! Do I prefer drab to drudgery, bully, ignorance, and usefulness? Do I like my dishonored, betrayed stomped upon life? A question that torments me always! But would I want to take your place in life, maybe yes, but I wouldn’t want to be you!

Q) Ahaaa.. Would you like to elaborate on your comments?

Like to? I would love to! Can you and your friends count the number of places you see me, the number ways you use me and the number of times you give me credit? You will place me in beautiful parks; fit me cozily and tightly with my friends to form a view that could be marketed for what is that thing you call, ha tourism. Basically try to get people to come and gape at me and your other innovations.

Q) Don’t you like being admired?

Nope, almost never. It makes us almost claustrophobic! Now don’t interrupt me!

Q) Okay miss..

Then you will cut me, skin me and you will call it your skill, and then call yourself the sculptor. You will get my photo with you taken and then you will roam free in search of another victim! Do you ever acknowledge my presence!

You will bulldoze me out and crash me when you need your high rise building! And your species will say “Oh how wonderful, they have managed to move those huge things!” and then you will then gawk at your superficial steel and glass structure!

You will throw me at your counterparts, making me do your dirty work. You hurt me and make me hurt others. You will crush me to make pathways, rubbing it literally in my face that you can move around as and when you wish to.

You expect us not to retaliate. When the ground shakes causing what you an earth quake, and we pelt you and drive you down, you cry at the atrocities you have committed, and then regroup and rebuild to commit a few more.

Q) Now I feel meek and don’t know what to say!

Don’t say a thing; I was used to make fire by your primates. I did not mind because they needed our help to survive then.  And then they lived among us in our caves. But development and Charles Darwin’s theory became way too real and your exploitation styles changed. All we ask for is mid way and a line drawn so that we feel a part of this world with our contribution but we don’t burn ourselves out to the point of non-existence or rebelliousness. And yes, credit, your species should learn to give that!

Me:- Thank you so much for a glimpse into the minds and lives of your eternal species! I applaud all that you bear to give us our desired life.


Now how many people do we treat in the similar manner as we treat the stone! Each one of us does the same. We do it to get ahead. We do it because it’s our way of life. We do it because it’s the easiest way to get where we are going. We do it because stratification in our society and our way of life is mixed as though milk and water. We never stop to give a thought just drink it in.

I hope we notice our actions, think about our thought process so that a change in mindsets gets flowing and we do justice to the concepts of equity, justice and tolerance.

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11 thoughts on “Interview with a stone!

  1. crazyguyinthailand

    😀 😀 😀


  2. pranita,
    mujhe ye bath nahi samajh me aaya ki ye big big words like homosexual and all ko log har post par kyo use karta hai?
    vo bechara pathar ko tune aisa kyyo kaha?.ek sculptor se poocho pathar me bhi males or females hai so you never know right?


    • Maine nahi kaha use.. pathar tho khud keh raha hain, aur khushi se keh raha hain, uski apni choice hain! Aur mujhe homosexual bechare nahi lagte! Jo bhi manine likha hain usme pathar wahi banna chahtha hain jise hum insan nakarte hain, apni society se alag samjhte hain! Aur arre mujhe nahi patha tha ki stones mein bhi male female hote hain! Hote hain toh acchi baat hain, par homosexual hona koi buri baat tho nahi hain!


      • delete this post quickly after reading ok.
        Han kuch buri baat hai according to bible.whatever medical reasons is out there for homosexuality,to do a sin or not is one’s own choice.i am not referring to your post,but human homosexuality sin.(pardon me i don’t know enough on homosexuality(lesbian,gay,transgender wo hi hena homosexual?).


  3. pranita,
    i managed to write one more.Thanks to you.sorry the story is short.since you seem to be a good critic,
    here it is-


  4. pranita just imagine if i can write this much hindi how much more i love hindi movies.and hindi tv programs.Do you remember chitrahhar,rangoli,friday night hindi movies some detective serials shaktimaan,wow doordarshan was nostalgic right?


  5. pranita when i red this my own post after 2 weeks it looked more good.please give it a try.


  6. This Homosexual has a whole age named after it.
    I will tell you something since you are a teacher and you teach history i guess you wrote the above lines.i didn’t google it.but i guess you meant stone age where early people made tools and fire of stones correct?


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