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Daily Prompt: Haaaaa, Wagging my tongue before and After!

Ring of fire

Spicy food, I can visualize the picturesque sight, the colors, the odor, they have me wagging my tongue. I love food as such. My tummy is like a sponge, it absorbs and absorbs and I have different compartments for different taste buds. Good food, I eat till the sponge is on the verge of exploding. Not everyday of course! And while I am eating I don’t think of the after-effects. I believe thinking to be jinx, sure to ruin the day after.

Indian food usually feels deserted without the spices.


Always the first one to pick a plate during those never ending boring lunches and functions, I keep glancing at the food every 5 mins or 2 mins depending on the number of grumbles per second ( in my tummy). I love anything with cottage cheese and capsicum in it. I love chicken. I probable mentioned this before in another daily prompt. Any delicacy in red or orange and I can’t tear my eyes away from it. You see I am talking about colors more than the ingredients probably because I am not even close to being a novice at cooking. I find the spices and the lentils,(at least their names) all confusing.


I absolutely savor Pav Bhaji and Pani Puri, Lip smacking!

Road side chat, is the best, the perfect mix of all the spices.

Spicy food always makes my tongue wag both before and after. Of course if you were to try it the first time I would suggest you carry a lime soda with you(sweet preferably) or maybe keep a chocolate handy! Generally I end up eating an ice -cream afterwards. And that is actually good practice because it helps the tummy cool down and blunts the attack on your intestines the next day.

P.S- I love telling this(about the ice-cream) to all the overly calorie conscious friends I have.

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It sprouts in doses

It pinches and creates a frenzy in the head

A glaring stop sign hanging in mid air It is,

As though it might just drop at the exact moment I pass under

What if I sprint fast enough?

Will I beat it to the finish line?

Is there a finish line?

It is “the fear”

Fear of the angel and the demon within,

Fear of flying and having our wings torn down all the same,

Fear of losing the grip on the leash,

Leash around what you may ask?

I have no answers.

Fear of rising above those around us,

And fear of losing them in the journey,

Fear of being possessed by the power,

The power to lead change,

Fear of dyeing self with new colors,

New colors of self found during my self exploring voyage

Fear of unknown,

Fear of obligations and expectations,

Catch me if you can say those two words,

Then crawls out the fear,slithering through the gaps,

The fear of being trapped in the maze while playing the game,

Fear of fear itself.

I ask again,

Will it and its allies drop the bomb as I pass, sprinting across?

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Part of the Wolf Pack Now! The Howler Award!

Woooohhhhhhoooooooooooooo… Here I come the new member of the wolf pack, I am going to be sworn in today. I have been introduced into the pack by  Samir, who has nominated me for “The Howler Award”. Thank you so much Samir 🙂 I sort of like the description of the wolf pack! And I am indeed honored that you picked me to be an awardee.

The rules of this award are:

  1. Display the award on your blog. This can be in your sidebar or on a special award page.
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
  3. Give 3 examples of things you would like to see changed in the world.
  4. Nominate (in your own time) at least 5 bloggers that deserve the award.
  5. (Optional) Donate the equivalent of $10 to a charity of your choice (optional because I cannot check it, however it would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Wolves are faithful, loyal, social and honest. Please keep that in mind when awarding this to someone. Members of the WordPress Wolfpack can hand out the award at their own discretion, non-members can hand out the award after they have gotten it themselves or they can suggest the person they want to nominate to one of the wolfpack members.

The ceremony begins:- Wolf Whistle anybody :p 😀

1) The first change:- Every kid should attend the same kind of school, with the same facilities. I  believe that mindsets can be bred at school and so can the sense of equality be nurtured from childhood. Who is the economy, who are we do deny anybody what is our right?  This would take a lot of work but it is plausible:)

2) Rapists and abusers, expecting their mindsets to change around and waiting for that to happen, well we are hanging on to way too much useless hope. I usually don’t call hope useless, but this is an exception.

So why not make a rape prevention system, something that works like our Intelligence bureaus. Again lot of intricate factors that need working on in this case. Think I am crazy yet? Well, These are Ideas for the future (we could work on them from now), if we can go to Mars, why not this? Terrorism kills people on a large scale and so does this on a discreetly spread out larger scale.

3) Shoo the Gandhis and now the Vadras out of this world, send them to another planet or something. ( I mean the gandhis and vadras of our political families, no offence to anybody with the same title) 😀

My nominations for The Howler award are:-

1) Ink,thoughts,coffee…

 2) Leanne’s Little World

3) Peak Perspective


5) Unload and Unwind

They all are awesome bloggers and from their blogs I have learnt a lot 🙂

Now we proceed to the last part:-

10 dollars to Charity, I have given more than that I am sure and in various forms.Every month I spend more than that on my class room supplies and bare necessities for the kids though I don’t consider that charity but my duty.

I enjoyed being sworn in and hear by again swear to the best of my knowledge to abide by the qualities that symbolize the wolves. 😀

Umm, hope there aren’t any fights to become the Aplha of the back. Grrrrrr. Just kidding. I love wolves ever since I started watched “True Blood” during my college days. Joe Manganiello was the werewolf in the show. 😀 😀 I have a fascination for them ever since.

File:Joe Manganiello cropped.jpg

Joe Manganiello :- google

Jokes apart, Thanks Samir once again for the award and hence the opportunity to write this post!:) Adios! 🙂

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Demon Inside

photo credits:- Google

Demon Inside

A demon inside fighting to claw its way out,

Biting and scratching at the peripheral cells of sanity,

Thoughts bubbling like the hot water spring,

The dam at the brim of its capacity,

Almost succumbing to the strength and force of the heat,

Tears roll pass the brink of those demonic eyes,

But music of the breathing and drumming of the heart beat gallop farther,

A Silent plea to thy ring master, are you nowhere?


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Daily Prompt:Fun and Food

It’s My Party

All I can think of when someone says party is food, what food are we going to have? And next where is the party, so basically what am I suppose to wear? So ambiance and food in my party?

Well for a theme, maybe I would say dress as your favorite cartoon character, or maybe just put on your favorite clothes! I am terrible at this theme thing, but I would like to dress as a cartoon character or in my favorite dress or maybe just wear Pajamas!

And yeah, food. The way to a man’s heart is food apparently. Huh. I have immense dislike for that unfair quote. The way to my heart too is food and I am no man!

There would be lots of that, food. Yummy!! My mouth waters even as I imagine the food laid just waiting for me to indulge in it. Pastries, puddings, ice-cream, Roshogolla (that’s a bengali sweet), Carrot Halwa, Gulab Jamun and Ice -cream and all possible sweet dishes from all over the world. I have a terrible sweet tooth. 😀 My poor guests, they would be waiting for actual food probably. Then there would be sea-fish, chicken, Paneer (cottage cheese) Indian tandoori, Chinese. The food would have a touch of, no rather a little more than a touch of cheese and cream. Indian tandoori would be spicy of course. There would bread, rice, noodles and so on so forth.

And yes I would like to be served and would also like my guests to be served milkshakes, if they have a thing for it!

Looks like I just described a food festival. Well, I wouldn’t mind if my party was an actual food festival! I would love it rather. 😀

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Random: A part of the journey



DSC_0016Well, this is not one of my better ones. I have no Idea what it looks like. Don’t know why, I guess just one of those days where something doesn’t feel right! I am posting it anyway, because I remember writing in my blog that this is where I will look to trace my journey. Well, this is a part of my journey, however small!




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The First Step

When the view seems hazy

When my feet is stuck in the marshy land

When I can no more hear the chirping of my inner voice

When recklessness swishes through my mind

And in between the trees there are abundant paths awaiting,

 Listening for the sound of my footsteps

When control is thrust at me

But feet are still stuck in murky waters

When hands shake with indecision

And there plays a fierce battle between the two wills within me

Knowing the way yet shacking myself down

Not a step I have taken and my the battle time draws to a close

Tomorrow might be my day

But today I find my will fighting against it self

Being rash is not my way

But I have to take the first step

How can I break free?

I look at my reflection, my only hope for any solace

And I find a pair of deep disturbed eyes staring back

Startled is the reflection at the involuntary battles being played in the head,

You are the culprit, it says

The marshy land is all you’re making

Clutch at your will, nudge it and then push it into the unknown terrain

Take that first step, say those eyes

And the murkiness will clear as you traverse the path ahead









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Daily Prompt: Unpredictable

How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach.

Photo credits:taken from Robedirobrob

Well, I come off as really nice sweet girl at first (maybe) and then boom, I am this ball of steam! (though that’s not possible, steam can’t assemble into a ball)

But I find that I am quite unpredictable, not sure why though. I have noticed a few trends. I escalate slowly. Keep telling myself, don’t be stupid, people are people,they do things and then suddenly I don’t know what I am saying. It’s like a volcano eruption then.

Or I just tell them without any heat that I am not liking it and they should back off. Or I am really nice and explain things well in a manner so as to not hurt the other person. I guess my problem is that I am unpredictable, sometimes I can hide my emotions quite well at other times people are watching a movie playing on my face. And then in the worst of the situations when people are expecting me to burst and punch maybe. I laugh and then solve a situation like a completely level headed person.

Well my best guess is that my reactions depend on the person and situation and umm, mood maybe?


Did I cover all the possible trends:-D

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The Two Sisters

Two sisters, each unlike the other

One combats the life with aggression, proud, she throws back all she receives,

Another accepts life, in her melancholy world at times,

 Yet blossoms like a sunflower and seeks the sun’s rays to live her life

Without a hand on their head and without the control of their fate,

They trot through life together but their own way,

Unaccustomed to but wanting for a guiding hand all the while

Losses such as their in life and remembrance of unfathomable sights plague their mind,

As they feel their way through the dark unknown lanes of life alone.

There are but flashes of light, illuminating their thoughts with a ray of hope, a divine intervention

A divine intervention to warn of the potholes and show the mountains that they could climb

Climb to meet, as each one becomes the other, a thin line they trod on.

And to help salvage the goodies from their past,

Who has more of those??I wonder

Are they amongst us? Maybe such characters are living and breathing creature in our universe.

But there are two that live on for eternity and are beyond human boundaries,

The two sisters “love and hate” they are.