Change is like …

“Change is like the water slipping in through the tunnels to the fields, without change there ain’t going to be any harvest!”

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23 thoughts on “Change is like …

  1. pranita how did you put that sticky tape image on the two corners?


  2. to grow we must put away fear…


  3. Teacher i know i am disturbing you.i am asking you this because you speak hindi.i am not a singer
    my hindi diction is wrong,but still i want to post my favourite god song(you know that) on easter day.
    so this is only a trial version.if you have headphone,it is face only my voice.
    please hear this fully and say an opinion there ok(2 minutes).you can delete it quickly.


  4. Such truth to this quote and even truer since I suffered a brain injury. Change is a constant in my life and accepting a new normal


  5. Hi Pranita,profoundly beautiful post.few months ago l posted an article about change.”Change is the core of progress.l am pleased for following my blog and look forward to read your posts.Wishing you the best.Jalal Michael


  6. A beautiful quote indeed! I highlights change in a simple yet effective way!
    Cheers πŸ™‚


  7. On another note …. thank you for stopping by “It Is What It Is” and the follow!!! __/l\__ …. Peace!!


  8. tocksin

    what is the context of these words, what came before and after; they sound a little bit like dialogue


    • Well, before come the seeds we plant which could be ideas, thoughts,then comes the water through the tunnels which could be action leading to change. Change being the harvest in this case. And this happens over time, over seasons and through combined effort. One farmer cannot produce food for the whole country!
      And if the and seeds themselves are bad, well there can’t be any harvest, and output is rotten or not there at all! Of course there are always pesticides and other ways to change that too! Meaning we can bring about change even in the bad! That’s the hope at least!
      Thank you for asking this question! πŸ™‚


      • tocksin

        Change is inevitable, from one moment to the next; what is difficult is changing our perception, our take on the events that have changed
        it seems as things change around us we change little but even a little change goes a long ways towards a shift in attitude which can produce more favorable results
        I was thinking from what you wrote that is was part of a conversation you had with someone wherein each of you ponder from the position change is like… stepping off a train and the shrill whistle alerting you that as you step off the train the train itself will be moving in the opposite direction and you will pass through people as if you were moving through water moving through a tunnel to nourish the crops…


  9. Fantastic quote and picture,thank you for liking my post,”hear,mind and torment .” Warm regardsJM


  10. equinoxio21

    Hi Pranita. Loved the photo on top. Great combination of the statue’s and the woman’s eyes.
    (Couldn’t post the comment on Instagram or whtaever!) πŸ™‚


  11. Hey, I have nominated you for very inspiring blogger…:)

    Please visit my page πŸ™‚

    Have a great day…!!!


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