How kids could change you? or rather have polished me!

You thought he was just a kid and he wouldn’t be able to make out how your day was going?, whether you are a genuine guy, or whether you are lying?? Well you are banging the wrong door,  kids are actually most of the times the most intuitive people around. They bring about a change in you that only they could.

Kids are almost therapy for all your troubles, you might want to bang your head a couple of times a day, but its all forgotten by dusk! I could write on and on, but you might wonder how I, a 23 year old wants to talk about kids. Well for me, as teacher to 40 such kids, its been a mind boggling, heart touching, inexplicable, enriching, self finding therapeutic journey and is still an ongoing one. And its a journey through a fair where I have found and will find candies, poops (uggghh..), Ferris wheels of hope, achievement and frustration. But my inspiration has been them, the big eyed with the devil smiles and missing tooth and fidgety brained.

I have been teaching for a year and I have just grazed the surface of their lives.They are kids who have seen and see atrocities( violence and loss and much more) in life that I as an adult can never fathom dealing with. Yet the shine in their eyes will throw you off your feet at times. Do not think they don’t cry and don’t get aggressive, they do but they climb up the wall again and then out of the well too. Spending six hours a day with them has taught me and given me more than I could ever give or teach them.

They have taught me to believe in myself. I have learnt that my ideas are just not ideas and can take the form I want them to if I can just take that first step (its always said so but self learning is the best learning to me). If my small ideas could take a shape then every dream that is castle of these small ideas could also work its magic! I have learnt this and I have learnt to have faith. When I see a small activity I have planned working out, when I see them dancing with the steps I have taught them or humming the tune of a song they have learnt, that intangible happiness only a teacher could understand. I have got the opportunity to strive to be myself and then be myself, explore the me within me and push my limits. And of course I have learnt to control my temper and have patience.

No wonder parents are so wise, they have kids to make them that! 😀

Hope, I have always lived on it when I was starving but the optimistic hope that a new day brings is new to me, or maybe it just got rusted and is being dusted now. It makes me get my bum going however lazy and irritated I might be.

I could go on and write an ode to my kids, but I will save that for another day.

A song from their side, its a hindi song:-thats the video

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13 thoughts on “How kids could change you? or rather have polished me!

  1. Cheers to empowering and teaching the little ones! As a parent, I tip my hat to you 🙂 They really are so precious and teach so much about life, love , patience and understanding 🙂


  2. Thanks 🙂 The world would be a dream land if every kid could be nurtured, given equal opportunity and taught to find his way!


  3. What took you so long to write this beautiful post.Now i really envy you teacher!!!!!!!!!


  4. why didn’t you tell me you are an arts teacher or something?what difference it is gonna make?you are really lucky and remember by now i told you all my secrets the reason i know i can trust can understand others feelings.when i go to a church if there is a baby playing around i watch.sometimes they intentionally pull hair of other babies.sometimes they both smile and sometimes they just grab my shirt.i always wondered what they might be seeing when they see a man or women.they might be thinking why are they so big,why are they so serious,why can’t they just play with us.believe me there is a 5 year old kid in my neighbourhood.whenever i go there we both play,she loves pictures,explaining me what it is etc.etc.,yes you are correct in saying we can learn a lot from them.
    Enjoy your teaching and have fun.


    • Hi
      I am not exactly an arts teacher, I wouldn’t mind being one I guess, Govt schools do not have art classes, and I handle all subjects except regional language. I teach arts and other stuff as the kids deserve to learn more than just academics. And it keeps school interesting for the kids too!


  5. Woah, Teaching to the kids is not easy ! Hats off to you. Loved your optimistic perspective about teaching 🙂


  6. Even though these three points are from a malayalam movie,i think this can help you teacher.

    1)Tell your kids when they wish teachers always close both hands like praying and do it.

    2)Try to celebrate kids failures also as failure are the stepping stone to success.

    3)Teach them not to tell lies.Tell them we may think Truth is bitter,but actually it is just that
    we always feel lies to be more sugary :/


  7. I know today you are very happy.Busy replying comments.when you become a big writer and all don’t forget this poor guy ok?Even though some of my comments were rubbish i avoided that leave a comment link of your posts right?you know what if you are not a teacher i wouldn’t have cared to read your blogs or wouldn’t tried to make friendship with you.i wanted to be a teacher.not a regular one teaching maths and science but someone who can each them good morals.May it become possible to you. :/ By the way how was mohanlal in kilometres and kilometres of the duplamacy………..


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