Devoid of Tongue, We would yet lash out!

A drip drop, a pit pat and a grrrr and drrrr,

All the music in the background,

And yet all we can do is to listen, decode and encode.

Because we are missing a sense, which one do you think?

We err on but are incapable of blabbering on our errs,

We sip and bite and munch and hear the crunch,

But alas we are devoid of the tongue.

Not a sound does our species make by its own,

We prick our ears and glare with our eyes,

We see our earth roomies trumpet gloriously.

What world do you think we would build?

For the world would have to revolve around our silence,

What other strengths would we discover with the lag of this one?

Would we still be the triumphant inhabitants we are?

Or would we be a better version of self? Or would we stoop low with envy?

Would our minds spiral deeper and would we rise higher than our animal nature?

Maybe our eyes would work the magic and sixth sense would have a higher place,

Acting and Penning would have a stronger stance,

Sighing that alas, they were our only savior,

But no, where would our pride lounge,

We would have had to lay the foundation for the most superior inhabitants,

And hence find a way,

And make this face of silence crack open with a crackling sound!

Where would we be devoid of our tongue?

I say where else could “everywhere” hide as devoid of it, we yet lash out!

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