Angst, Distrust and finally fulfillment.

She looked on with angst in her eyes,

Why was everybody adapting to the path of silence?

Who was going to defeat the demons in their own arena?


A fire swished through her veins,

Her heart thumped as though a giant walking the earth.

The deafening sounds of helplessness re-echoed in her head,

She shook with the suppressed urge to take them  down.


But  her tiny hands and feet were bound,

Bound by shock and inexperience.


Years through, she kept burning.

She was no longer a maiden to their arena.

The world she felt no longer deserved her trust.


The day arrived soon again, Deja-vu.

She scrutinized the crowds for a face that seemed on the verge of action, But found none.

Her hands shook with restrain,

But this time she no longer withheld, she burst out  of her bubble.

A force of nature, she bolted ahead tearing through the crowds,Climbing the fence.

Possessed she hurled into the demons every ounce of strength and every piece of defense.

The crowd awakened from its self-imposed trance.

A face and and then  another followed her, breathing strength from her courage.


The demons did not run screaming for their lives,But had to stall their assaults.

Retreating into their caves, unable to add a feather to their caps.


She looked on with eyes spitting fire sizing up the devils, as she knew they would return.

Balled fists unclenched and a ray of hope crept into her heart,

A sense of fulfillment engulfed her as her gaze pierced the eyes of her fellow on-slaughters.

She found the faces she thought she never would and learnt the art of trusting again.



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9 thoughts on “Angst, Distrust and finally fulfillment.

  1. May all become like her, for first is a mistake that you can make up to in the second! 😀


  2. Teacher only if you help me here.Is this lady you mentioned here a warrior or something?
    The fact that all these lady bloggers writes superb poems with fantastic words is just driving me crazy.
    I mean if you have knowledge on something you can write about it,but poems you need such creativity.may be practice can make me write one.what do you think?


  3. Strength from gained from adversity is tempered steel and life becomes an adventure rather than a nightmare – all this from your poem. Thank you for sharing this. Jenni

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Teacher please don’t take me wong.since you are someone who enjoys little things with kids i am
    asking this question.Also you seems someone who enjoys good lyrics.
    if you didn’t like this delete it ok?

    Guess the hindi song(don’t google this one ok?)

    Clue:The movie name is somewhat similar to your name!

    English Translation

    I asked a swaggering cloud where it was off to.
    The land is filled with thirst; quench its thirst, don’t torment it!
    It growled a little, shook a little,
    and thundered here and there.
    It stole a heart, then came raining down, jingling
    My beloved spoke; what he said, I can’t understand.
    My heart danced; why it slowly danced, I can’t understand.
    My beloved spoke; what he said, I can’t understand.
    My heart danced; why it slowly danced, I can’t understand.
    My beloved spoke; I don’t understand.


  5. Thank you Jenni for reading this and writing an inspiring thought out of it! 🙂


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