I do believe, I do know, I do not know, I do like and I do not like…….

“This post is part of SoCS: (The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS April 5/14)”  The prompt is ‘do’ or ‘don’t.’ Write about any subject at all, but make it about something you feel strongly about doing or avoiding; whether it’s yourself or others, it doesn’t matter. NO editing, just Stream of Consciousness writing . . .


I wish I could do the so many things I want to. I do want to be a loyal friend, a good daughter, a good teacher and a good me. I do believe that someday I will be where I want to reach that I will break free from all the bands that I pull myself down with, But even as I write this I have one of those moments of self doubt where I am not sure whether I really believe in what I am saying, it’s just that it’s been long since I have had that feeling of achievement. I do want to keep moving upwards and not look back. I do want to forgive myself for not being who I should have been but I find that extremely difficult. I do believe that I have the stamina to see myself come through and reach the pedestal I want to see myself on.

I do believe every single person in this universe can achieve his potential only if he believed that he could. I will solve the problems I want to solve, Every kid in my school needs a water bottle, its summer and even its going to be summer holidays, still in the coming year I do see dire need to solve the problem of unavailability of water at school. It kills me to see the kids thirsty and say that they cannot afford a water bottle.

I do believe that I am not stupid in dreaming that India will find a systemic solution for each of its tormenting problems. I do not like people undermining their own or another’s capability. But I do not understand how to make them believe in themselves. I do the best when left to myself and so they might too learn the hard way.

I do know that I have matured over the last year but I have a long way to go. Doing or not doing should be my choice and I do not like being told what my choices are as I am going to decide that myself. Choices are what you want them to be. Imagination and a real belief that anything is possible will give one all the choices he or she wants. But a real belief and not one that is just said for sake of saying a quote is what matters.

I do like to let loose at times but try not to do so often for I am scared of loosing focus, one of my drawbacks.  But my dad would say I am always letting loose because I am always laid back and relaxed. Hahaha.

I do not think I did as good a job I was suppose to with the kids this year at school, I do want to do better and make consistency my habit. I find that quite a task. Wanting to be a writer, an entrepreneur, a teacher and a painter someday, there is quite a list beyond the above and it –the list is going to need that trait of consistency. 

I do not like it a bit, being told what to do and what not do, it kills the fun in life and ruins the mystery and space, and I like and give too. Doing that is my way of life because I believe it builds trust and it is necessary for me to have space so that I can decide whether to trust or not. I do not like it when people are incapable of respecting others opinions or others because of their opinions. And I think world would be a boring place if there was just one side if the coin existing. I do want to explore the world alone, see things with my own eyes from my point of view not influenced by others. Everybody should get that chance at least .I want it.

Ughh.. There are so many I’s in this post, I do not like writing I’s in my post. It feels like I am still a kid who doesn’t know how to write an essay.

And I do want to change the way my blog looks I am kind of bored with it. Oh god what am I doing with this prompt. Net’s not back yet so I am going to keep writing till until I feel like stopping.

Doing things for sake of doing is not my style, I have got to have a reason to do what I am doing, no wonder I completely almost flunked my engineering. Somehow a good salary at a corporate sector wasn’t my idea of career and was not motivation enough.  

Yippe! net’s back and I am going to post this now.


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10 thoughts on “I do believe, I do know, I do not know, I do like and I do not like…….

  1. You should try politics some day?you can be some one who can bring changes i believe.
    But No Ullu Banavings ok?:)
    so you don’t have siblings i suppose.if any what do they do?Try netsetter 🙂


  2. And by the way engineering buri nahi hai,in my case i didn’t even knew what engineering is all about and also the fact that only if you study well pass interviews you would get a good job.i thought since my parents have money no need of job.But now i suffer.How stupid was me?:)


  3. I’m so happy your internet came back and you were able to post this wonderful, inspiring article! I can see your strength just reading this, and I can see that it will truly take you places – much farther than I think you can imagine. You are INSPIRING! Imagine how many people can do great things with you around, spreading your good will so much more!

    Thank you for participating in SoCS and thank you so much for being you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pranita do you get this feeling of no power at all if you can’t write a new blog topic for 3 days.i had it and it was killing me.finally i squeezed out one.Hope you like it.


  5. Great response to the challenge – and don’t worry about using ‘I’ so often in a blog. The fact that it is a style of public journal writing makes the experience personal in a way an academic essay could never be. The difficulty is learning to let go of the third person, detached writer and to delved into the ‘I’ of the topics you choose.


    • Thanks Jenni !:) And now that you pointed out, a blog is actually like a public journal and I guess that’s makes it an unique and interesting experience, to have people who I might never meet or know connect to my thoughts at a personal level! Thank you for the thought!:)


  6. I loved this. It’s honest and unflinching. I think maybe some people never look at themselves so deeply.

    I hope you get your do’s, and that your don’ts are few. And that the children have good clean water to drink.


    • Thank you so much for lovely comment! 🙂 I feel that the deeper one dig’s within one self, the more potential and treasure is found and exhibited! 🙂


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