The Peak in Focus

To Focus, a hazy task,
Zooming in and zooming out to be done at once!
Keeping in touch with reality ain’t that easy now.

Variables all over the place,
Constants hidden in another plane.

In the head it all seems like a cake walk,
But walking on mars is its synonymous aim.
So much to do, but plagued by too many doubts is its state.

Doubting self, cloudy probabilities,
Human nature is an unpredictable specimen,
Who to trust? Whom to not?

Who will share my vision?
And believe it to touch life,
Turning the touched into shimmering hopefuls and impending successes.
Ideation is an intoxicant, but reality is its poisonous neutralizer!

Will the arrow find its way and bash through the bulls eye?
Is the bull’s eye where I think it is or am I myopic?
Will you buy what I am selling?
Or will you brush it aside? And say “my dream is only for wonderland dwellers”.

Hope I can show you the peak I want to reach,
Do not think it’s a glacier that will melt,
It isn’t hanging in the air either.

It is exactly where you and see it.
And that is where I will take you and rest of our tribe too.

To Focus is always a hazy task,
But I will tread as the path needs me to,
For that’s exactly the peak where I want to reach.

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10 thoughts on “The Peak in Focus

  1. Against all odds you will definitely reach 🙂


  2. Pranita you have talent and you can be whatever you want.But i don’t you if will be able to
    understand the pain when someone has a lot of it but because of some wrong choices in life just ruined it.

    Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta hai
    Jaane kyu phir bhi dil kehta hai
    Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
    Kehta hai dil jee le zara


  3. just leave it.since in your other post you said about water i will tell you something.Always drink plenty of water.i guess areas like bengal recieves less rain fall.
    Today i went to remove the tube attached to my kidney during my kidney stone know what it took only 10 minutes,but the pain was really big which made even the doctor who removed it to say sorry.My hand was just shivering.All because of my carelessness.You should also tell your school kids to drink plenty of water.i know when it comes to suffering women tops the list.Baby Delivery.But still just be careful.our body is a natural have to take care of it.

    By the way pranita i have a bit controversial topic in my mind.why muslim kids cover their faces using their religious clothes.Should i have a crack at it?


  4. Yes pranita you are absolutely correct.Even though there are lot of questions like why good
    people suffer,why this happens that happens,why is he hiding,sometimes i can hear that innervoice
    which tells me yes sherin everything is gonna be alright.Perhaps the best evidence we have got for god right?


  5. It’s happened twice today that someone’s already stole my comment but I totally second Andy! Brilliantly put… my dad always said, Focus! 😀


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