Economic Disparity- Angry rantings

I know this is the topic spoken on quite often by many who have both faced it and many who are just spectators. Hence I kept debating with myself if I should spell out my thoughts. Today somehow I feel full of them, the thoughts, my thoughts concerning this topic of economic disparity in our country and in many others too I am sure.

It all started a few days back when our school ayah who isn’t working there anymore, left without a warning. Well we started to search for a new one. It’s been what, almost 3 weeks and we still haven’t found a help. Not because they aren’t willing to work but because of our school management’s unwillingness to pay more. Well, people were asking for 4000-5000 bucks. Previously we paid 1200 along with a room that was rented for free. Well, it was a room under the stairs, almost like the one harry potter stayed in though bigger. Oh it is so big that it will take you only 5 steps to cover vertically and 2 to cover it horizontally if you are an average sized adult. That’s a lot isn’t it? Of course it’s a lot, she is only a maid, with hardly any requirements, so why should she demand or want or deserve any place bigger than that! I am Right on point, am I not?

Those thoughts are exactly what have made our country the way it is,gaping enigma where we house the 6th largest group of super rich population while having a large population of beggared humans whom we have the audacity to treat inhumanly. Well we haven’t got an ayah yet and students clean the class every day. The only reason they are expected to clean the shit up is because in our minds anyway they are from shit so why should they have a problem doing it? My class kids and I spend the first half an hour getting our surroundings in order before starting class. The other adults around will not move an inch. A slap in the face of dignity of labor which was what the great Swami Vivekanada preached, followed and hoped that our society would inculcate. The hypocrisy, we teachers will pick the best thoughts to be spoken as thought for the day in the assembly but turn our noses up when it comes to imbibing that concept.

We gibber and moan when we have to pay our work helps more. If the work is so important to us of course they should charge us more, an I-phone is important so we pay for it right? Does service deserve no value? It certainly does. I would like to see what happens when these women get trained in other skills, shift jobs and then there are no more people available to do our drudgery. Let’s see how much the hypocrites are willing to pay then. That is the only way in which this economic disparity will narrow down.

I paid my first long visit to a government hospital with three kids. The three Kids were suffering from an ear infection, a sprained thumb and an infected toe respectively. Well, what does she the doctor do? She asks each of them their cause of pain, looks at the thumb, looks at the toe, and doesn’t bother about the ear before scribbling three prescriptions. Then she asks someone to dress the toe and the thumb which the person does not do. The two kids are all given ointments and the third an ear drop. Thank god, not the same ointment! I always see kids showing me the same medicines they get from the doctor for different purposes. It makes me suspicious. So then we buy Dettol and bandages. I am not sure whether I should be sarcastic or thankful that at least this basic treatment is available to them.

On the way back the auto guy asks for 50 bucks for what would cost him 30, saying that he won’t get a drop back and its scorching hot, I give it to him. One of the kids tries to direct him and he starts scolding the kid, “The auto can’t go in there, you should have told me before, do you know anything?” It’s the way he was talking, so rude. I am sure he wouldn’t dare to talk that way to a kid from a well to do family. The driver himself being from a low income background harbors this kind of a mindset. It was all making me angry and I asked to keep going on the way he knows, long or short, because anyways we were paying him more.

The kids were empty footed, unable to afford shoes of any kind. And we have dozens and dozens of malls popping up everywhere, selling the worldwide brands of bejeweled and bedazzling shoes and clothes. Our buying power is increasing on one hand but our mindsets are shrinking becoming more selfish at the same pace. There was a concept of trickle down effect in economics, not sure if has any standing today. It talked about the possibility that if the rich got richer then the impact would slowly trickle down to the nit so fortunate. That possibility has dipped below the horizon now and I see no hope of it rising again. And the credit goes to both our illogical economic system that has no proper planning, lack of political will and largely on the mindsets we have been breeding.

Starting from healthcare to insurance to schemes for basic commodities, either they don’t exist or they are not scaled out yet. If they exist I am doubtful if they even reach one eighth part of the population it is aimed at.

I am just feeling angered, restless and sick because of the whole scenario. And this was just the tip of the ice-berg.

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7 thoughts on “Economic Disparity- Angry rantings

  1. Even the western world here has similar problems, it always goes bank to politicians and how they run things too, sigh! 😦


  2. Well, here to most of us the western world has it all figured and has all the best things. I am sure as you just said,that is not true but somehow as we multiply in numbers I feel a decline in the value for human life and condition among all. Ughh I am just pissed!

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  3. Maybe this is an opportunity to look towards a city planning career, Make a difference in your community 🙂


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