I am a big fan of imperfection. I am not sure whether I am “not a perfectionist” but I cringe and feel restless if everything around me is perfect and I enjoy imperfections of my own (mostly) and other’s too.

Hence I chose to write on it.


We forget who we are,

We forget our beginnings,

Our humble beginnings, sculpting to evolve.

Directed by that one notion,

The notion of perfection was it?

No my dears, the notion of its better half rather,

The insatiable imperfection.

Where would we be without imperfection?

Dwelling in caves and hunting like mere animals I fear.

We derive intent from it,

And our lives are for forever riding on it,

As we steer to fulfill our cravings.

All our clouds have silver linings,

The silver lining, an enchanting view of our hope,

And a sign of imperfection in our nemesis’s.

Its imperfection that we thrive on,

And sans it life would be sans itself.

Hence the hope for forever lasting imperfection,

Hope it keeps role playing the role of the “perfect pole star”.

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13 thoughts on “Imperfection

  1. Teacher sometimes imperfections also has its unique beauty right?


  2. well in this era of perfectionists you teacher had the guts to say you love imperfectionism.i always tried to be different not a perfectionist.i still believe that counts more:)


  3. Till yesterday i could write whatever i want.But now somebody is following i can understand the tension,the responsibility you feel while writing blogs.god bless.


  4. pranita forgive me for doing this.According to me this ad conveys two things.importance
    of sharing and education.You can comment some harsh words for doing this.But please watch and delete ok?

    Here it is-


  5. kuch to batao?Tune wo ad dekha?Acha tha na?


  6. there is no such a thing called perfect,perfection is an imagination of unsatisfied man,once we move on without this perfect tags,we start to see beauty everywhere.


    • Hi Nithin!
      Nice thought and I agree, perfection is more of a perception, and at times it just takes the fun out of life 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


      • The pleasure is mine,by the way my mom is a teacher,I finds teaching as a great profession,you shapes many people right ? you can inspire a hundred young people…thats great.


      • Yup, Apart from the students lives a teacher is able to touch,teaching is an inspiring profession to the teacher herself/himself. And the profession teaches one a lot in life. I am loving it! 🙂


      • If you are good they will remember you,trust me.


      • 🙂 I certainly hope so !


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