Daily prompt: Am I ever mellow?

Well today was one of those days where I just felt like I don’t know what, wasn’t sure of anything. As though I was running but had lost sight of what I was running towards. I couldn’t bring myself up to write anything either,but then I came across today’s DP,and started wondering whether I needed to relax or whether I was just being a lazy bum again. I am quite wary of falling into the trap of being lazy, doing nothing apart from thinking.

I come back from work and I do spend a considerable amount of time in my blog, feel a little guilty about it at times. That’s because there is lots of other stuff to do for example study. I do have my career deciding exam a month from now, so got to do justice to all my plans( long term and short term) . Err IĀ  am rambling.
So anyways I realized that my brain just never relaxes, I never feel relaxed. Hence at times it -my brain gets jammed and tired. But its not suppose to work that way. :-/
Anyways long story short I am going to try and find a way to do everything that is work and also enjoy guilt free relaxation.


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7 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Am I ever mellow?

  1. i know i can’t help you here.But still if there is a remote chance i will do it.tell me which exam are you going to write?


  2. I need a favour from you teacher.the other day i told you about muslim girl covering face topic.i wrote on it but can’t find a proper title.what should i put?if you are interested in helping me suggest one otherwise you can delete this comment ok?


  3. Pranita sometimes i don’t even know what i writes or posts.please delete all the
    rubbish comments i posted in your blogs.And by the way i think nithin is a malayalee.His blog is
    fantastic right?malayalees are super talented except me.But his face looks like a north indian and
    your face looks like a south indian šŸ™‚ .Anyway teacher all the best for the rest of your life.
    Just trust god everything is gonna be okay.No exams are difficult if he is with you.
    Now before leaving my favourite god song.

    Swapnangal polinjalum dukhathal valanjalum
    mithrangal akannalum shathrukhal nirannalum
    rakshakavajam nee marathennalum angenmunbe
    poyal bhayamevide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even if your dreams are shattered,find yourself in deep sorrow
    Even if your friends betray you,enemies attack you,
    If you the shining beam called god goes infront of me who should i fear?

    Daivasneham varnichidan vakkukal pora
    nanni cholli theerkuvanee jeevitham pora
    kashtapadinkalangalil rakshikunna snehamorthal
    ethrasthuthichalum mathivarumo

    To express god’s love there is not enough words
    To express gratitude my full life is not enough
    To praise him for getting me out of trouble
    Even if i praise him all my life will that be enough?

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  4. Ah, I totally get you. Even when I ‘think’ I’m relaxing, it is actually full of guilt, I spend too much time on blog when I should be studying. Its hard to balance best of both worlds I guess.
    I do hope though you are feeling much better and energetic now šŸ™‚


    • The balancing act, what I want to do and what has to be done. I am feeling better now, and its always nice to see your comment.:) Thanks šŸ™‚ But I guess I will go easy on blogging for a couple days!


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