India is a moralizing country, is it a moralistic one?, concerns!

India is a moralizing country, is it a moralistic one? Moralistic in the sense of having a set of morals which each and every one sticks to? It seems highly impossible for a population so variant and at such different places in life to have the same set of morals, mindset and pace of change.

I have been hearing that India is a highly sexualized society. Until I heard so, I somehow did not realize that the society’s hidden nature,an open secret was the big fish in the pond of all that has been creating this mayhem. For that matter any civilization has got to be a sexualized one.  But I am thinking from the point of view of India in particular and the impact it has on the generations living the reality and the generations to come who will be living a more bizarre reality.

A society where dating is wrong, a society that has been teaching that love marriages are wrong is suddenly faced with a challenge from the drastically different western morals and culture. A society where girls are still picked up on for going out without a dupatta( A scarf around the neck, to cover the assets), and boys are taught to make sure they are the man of the house in control of all, It’s at odds with a cultural concept that is built more around giving in to our normal human nature and accepting it for what it is. Of course they to do not give all the freedom to their daughters always but it still takes the easier way to lead life than our ancestors chose to.

We are playing unfair games with the kid’s mind, completely messing it up. On one hand we are the brand ambassadors of no short clothes, no dancing  hip to hip with a guy, no getting too close to them once you are in your teens and on the other hands we have hordes of hit movies with hip grinding dances, barely clothed heroines, and heroes letching after them, quite lewdly at time too.

What in the world is wrong with people, you want to expose kids to the existence of porn, of all that can be done with the internet and then want them to analyze and decide for themselves what reality is? what is ethical and what can cause them and others harm. Ridiculously pea brained we are!

There are sections of the society with well versed parents who can direct their kids, but the chances aren’t always favorable. A huge gap exists where influence from others (peers, seniors etc) can also play a major role. Some parents seem to have accepted dating and the teenage years package.  But that fraction of parents is hardly comparable to the population of parents from the other strata of the society to whom this idea is condemnable. And parents usually decide all for the kids in our country.

Why do we always leave out the underprivileged groups from our analyzing scenarios? Maximum eave teasers are from that part of the society, maximum child marriages and subduction of women happens there. They are the ones who do not have the luxury of our exposure or the catalyst to change their mindsets.  Those kids watch the same movies and learn the same things, but if they are found to be duplicating what is shown on T.V. there is a huge chance of their education coming to a still stand. And that practically tilts  the ratio of chances of their being dependent to their being independent in future to almost infinity.

It’s a scary thing, the girls in their teens if found to be talking more than necessary or even having an immature infatuation to the opposite gender, will be in deep  immense trouble intensity of which could range from physical abuse to getting forcefully married to god knows which rat. Such is the situation. What happens to the guy involved?? Nothing!! Hahaha.

Guys in 4th and 5th  grades have access to all sorts of movies in addition to their already tormenting exposure to rough life on the streets. Even if one wants to educate them, how much can they absorb? The mixed signals are still coming. I so wish the internet prophets could find a way to regulate who has access what. Watching porn may not have the same impact on everybody but the case with these kids who have almost nothing else to learn from nobody else is different. Nothing else to learn that could over ride the other side’s influence and nothing that could mold their mindsets differently.

How are we going to tackle this challenge? India, the moralizing but not the moralistic country, how are we going to give the kids a fair upbringing as a society?

I am going to try and do my bit with the kids I have access to but for a systemic change, what can be done? But can a system tackle the animal nature and its hierarchical nuisances?  I have no answers.

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29 thoughts on “India is a moralizing country, is it a moralistic one?, concerns!

  1. I wonder, could this thought be applied to students and have them write an essay on their opinions? it would paint quite the picture of the way society has become 🙂


  2. Very interesting. I guess if all teachers at low income schools are as concerned about their students as you, there is hope. I think education is often the key. The better educated people are the better decisions they can make. I’m not saying you are responsible for a child’s moral education, but that education in general, learning about the world and how they can find out more about the world by themselves, helps.


    • 🙂 I totally agree with you, education is certainly the key, and an education is much beyond literary. So it does fall within the purview of the institution to make sure or atleast do their best to make kids good decision makers.


  3. Look teacher that is a terrific point.Internet is outstanding no doubt.But it is two faced.every terrific invention i believe is so.who to blame?parents,teachers ah i guess proper sex education,making them understand these are all divine,try to view this from that angle.yes i confess to get of depression,anxiety i had used internet wrongly.But not more.And when you get addicted it is really difficult to get out.My psychiatrist helped.i agree with all your points.when my little cousin comes to my house,i always say these things.teenage it is a difficult situation.your mind swings aggressively.Go on you are a teacher who better can teach them nice things? :/


    • Yup, certainly agree with you teenage is a difficult, confusing time! And teachers need to work towards helping the kids through their difficult time, make the kids realize their worth, their potential and the fact they aren’t alone, others are with them and love them:-)


  4. I think India has always been more spiritual than the West. The Beatles were transformed by visiting Indi (his remains were cremated and scatter on the Ganges River). He learned to play sitar and befriended Ravi Shankar. Many hippies went to India for enlightenment and ended up staying. I just watched a documentary on it a few days ago. Alan Watts and many other benefitted from Indian culture and the Vedas. However India lately has been infected by materialism by the West as capitalism exploits the poor. I wish this wasn’t happening. I love India. I also love ancient Egypt, but look how they are now. I love the Native American Indians, but look what capitalism did to their culture. 😦


  5. 🙂 India is certainly a country rich in cultural variance, arts, spirituality and of that I am proud! I have seen their video together, Ravi Shanker and Beatles! 🙂 I do not understand capitalism to its core, but yup I would say, they are hounds, marketing and targeting all for money always irrespective of social impact!


    • Yes, it is unregulated too big too fail exploitation and it’s going Global. I’m so sorry my comment came out half complete. I must have been tired. I was talking about George Harrison being cremated in scatter in the Gange and playing sitar. The Beatles went there together in 1967-68, and learned mediation. They were completely changed. If India is that powerful, I really want to go there.


      • No, you made sense to me:) And my thoughts on the same line as yours, India is indeed a vast, versatile and beautiful country. There is so much to see, experience and fall in love with. I have been born and brought up here and I still no it well enough and it still amazes me!:) I find it a very emotionally charged place, And those emotions include peace, a sense of truth and realization! Hope you do visit some day 🙂


  6. bloodhound

    I believe that the reason behind India not being a moralistic country is the vast difference in the mindset of people belonging to different strata of our society. For instance, people belonging to higher sections of our society allow their children to wear anything they wish to, but those children belonging to the middle or lower sections are bounded to restrictions on clothing. These restrictions happen to exist because the people in these various sections of our society have different mindsets. A girl wearing a short skirt may be a beautiful outfit for one person whereas another person might consider it too much of exposure and sometimes he might even doubt that girls’ character. As thinking varies, morals change too. Unless an until there is uniformity in the standard of living of people, these problems in our society will persist.
    And for me it is not schooling which inculcates moral values in a child, but it is the parents teachings and the surroundings in which the child lives influence the moral values of that child. I say this because moral education was taught in my school too, but it is my upbringing which has put up moral values in me. I hardly remember what was taught in school.


    • I agree with your point that unless there is uniformity in standard of living the problems will persist. But sometimes you see even the higher income backgrounds behave like animals- dowry, female infanticide, subduding the girl kid etc.The problem with the kids from a lower income background is that they rarely have parents from whom they can learn, seeing the fathers drunk and seeing and experiencing physical abuse, its a horrible environment for a child to grow in, life on streets teaches the kids all kinds of things, in such case somebody has to come in. A moral education lesson taught just for the heck of it cannot have make an impact. But teachers can intervene to make a difference. There are mindset changing activities. If teachers hold themselves responsible, support kid, build a persoal relation with both the parents and the kid, it does work. Atleast then kids have someone to trust and someone who understands them before moralizing them in the most scariest ways. And frankly I see even the kids from higher income backgrounds in a mess and confused state. Their peers, what they see around always tends to have an impact, and kids reach that age where listening to parents is no more cool. So in the end its got to be an attack from multiple angels parents, school, society ( resppnsible visual access) and economic empowerment.


  7. bloodhound

    Definitely a good parent-teacher relationship is going to help in such cases which will help impart real moral education in children. If this is the way of educating a child with moral values, it surely will work. But that hardly happens. A teacher in a private institution is burdened with so much of work that he/she cant give enough time to such problems.
    Oh yes, you are right about the mess and confused state of children from higher income background. However it is not a severe condition, for they have an economical backing and are very well aware of it. If not anything else, they can carry over their family business which is enough of a support. So such chidren hardly care about anything because they have much resources with which they can support their living. Whereas the children from weaker sections need to push themselves to their extremes because earning enough so that they can atleast survive is their biggest concern. lavish life is a dream which only a few can reach. Its so much heartening 😦
    I m not saying that i am always right for whatever i have said, but this is what i feel. Good day and a nice blog indeed… 🙂


    • Thanks you 🙂 Sad is the fact that life is disheartening for so many and the higher strata kids, doesn’t matter what they do, they will get through life they want to!! Thanks for taking time to read and then commenting too!! 🙂


  8. I can’t get started on this topic… I may just never stop! Brilliant post and totally valid points! Best of luck trying to get childrens’ views on this one…
    P.S. – Are the kids really that smart to answer it for themselves these days? I wonder…


    • 😉 🙂 Thanks! I am not sure how the students might do!! And I don’t really remember if I would have been able to do it at their age! hehe. But I’ll try asking them the right questions and more over if they have the brains to do and think of all kinds of nonsense that we never could have thought of, they should do this too! That’s strict and adamant teacher voice speaking to my students in mind. 😀 😀


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