Daily Prompt: Unpredictable

How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach.

Photo credits:taken from Google.by Robedirobrob

Well, I come off as really nice sweet girl at first (maybe) and then boom, I am this ball of steam! (though that’s not possible, steam can’t assemble into a ball)

But I find that I am quite unpredictable, not sure why though. I have noticed a few trends. I escalate slowly. Keep telling myself, don’t be stupid, people are people,they do things and then suddenly I don’t know what I am saying. It’s like a volcano eruption then.

Or I just tell them without any heat that I am not liking it and they should back off. Or I am really nice and explain things well in a manner so as to not hurt the other person. I guess my problem is that I am unpredictable, sometimes I can hide my emotions quite well at other times people are watching a movie playing on my face. And then in the worst of the situations when people are expecting me to burst and punch maybe. I laugh and then solve a situation like a completely level headed person.

Well my best guess is that my reactions depend on the person and situation and umm, mood maybe?


Did I cover all the possible trends:-D

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23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unpredictable

  1. i have no idea what you wrote.please forgive me for what i did i know it was unacceptable if it was some one like akriti i know what will happen but atleast i knew you won’t do anything like that :/


  2. I think the answers are covered in your past. The distant past is where you will find the answers to your questions. I see the environment in photographs that I assume you are from and do notice that in cultures where women are considered second to men of course by men I hear the commonality of suppression. It is the strong woman that is so affected by this reality. Because you are looking for answers to the reasons I am sure that you will find them. I admire your strength and determination to be valid and I know that your side of the world is going through major changes and in simple words…they aren’t taking it any more. Well I hope you find peace in your pursuit of self as I am sure you will. Thank you for your very personal and intimate look inside. I found it to be very interesting indeed…. claudy

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    • Thank you so much:-) yes,life has been undergoing a change for good, but change always creates conflicts, yet lots of women can now experience the brighter side of life:-)


  3. *Peeks around the corner searching for hints if it’s safe to say hello*


  4. That makes complete sense to me!


  5. ok can i believe it is not because you are angry with me it is just because you just didn’t like my topics
    Remember if you cannot forgive me,what about your kids you must have so much patience to handle them right?i don’t know i always like to forgive others πŸ˜† maybe i am not normal.


  6. wait i think there is not enough fragrance i need to make changes i know i can make it a great poem.sorry to bother you.check after 2 hours ok?


  7. i am sorry to report this but as i said the debris of the malasyian airplane was found floating.
    i told you this can happen then why on earth jesus or krishna or rama did not save them.it is driving me crazy 😑


  8. No sorry i can’t do that.that is not what i wrote.that is not what i believe.that is not what i said to god.we are all from god.i know little bit hindi it is enough to keep a good friendship alive πŸ˜†


  9. English he na i know i am not fluent but still let the state,language,culture,facial look go to hell πŸ˜†
    first time in my life i felt i was betraying myself 😦


  10. pranitha tu ne dekha debris?phir kyu nahi tum vo comment delete nahi kar raha hai?are yaar it is utter non sense delete it.i also meant jesus,krishna and allha ye rama kaise beach me aaya vo forrest me he hena?kisko patha right?i now think religion is a crazy world with a crazy thought πŸ˜†


  11. people are people,they do things and then suddenly I don’t know what I am saying. It’s like a volcano eruption then. Really?Aur lava kaha se ayega πŸ˜†


  12. Eh… is it safe to comment? I see a ball of steam in a wonderful little colorful balloon that the child in me wants to play with but am afraid it may blow up and burn me…

    Just kidding! πŸ˜€


  13. Beautiful analogy .l think the many express themselves too fast.Best wishes.jalal


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