Daily Prompt: Haaaaa, Wagging my tongue before and After!

Ring of fire

Spicy food, I can visualize the picturesque sight, the colors, the odor, they have me wagging my tongue. I love food as such. My tummy is like a sponge, it absorbs and absorbs and I have different compartments for different taste buds. Good food, I eat till the sponge is on the verge of exploding. Not everyday of course! And while I am eating I don’t think of the after-effects. I believe thinking to be jinx, sure to ruin the day after.

Indian food usually feels deserted without the spices.


Always the first one to pick a plate during those never ending boring lunches and functions, I keep glancing at the food every 5 mins or 2 mins depending on the number of grumbles per second ( in my tummy). I love anything with cottage cheese and capsicum in it. I love chicken. I probable mentioned this before in another daily prompt. Any delicacy in red or orange and I can’t tear my eyes away from it. You see I am talking about colors more than the ingredients probably because I am not even close to being a novice at cooking. I find the spices and the lentils,(at least their names) all confusing.


I absolutely savor Pav Bhaji and Pani Puri, Lip smacking!

Road side chat, is the best, the perfect mix of all the spices.

Spicy food always makes my tongue wag both before and after. Of course if you were to try it the first time I would suggest you carry a lime soda with you(sweet preferably) or maybe keep a chocolate handy! Generally I end up eating an ice -cream afterwards. And that is actually good practice because it helps the tummy cool down and blunts the attack on your intestines the next day.

P.S- I love telling this(about the ice-cream) to all the overly calorie conscious friends I have.

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23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Haaaaa, Wagging my tongue before and After!

  1. I enjoy Indian spices and cuisine .Great post.


  2. Pranita…….. So true…. Pani Puri and Chaats top my fav food list too….. Liked ur post.. quite tempting one….


  3. Ohhh it all looks so good! I always loved how the spices are laid out, Magic powder I would call them to make that incredible dish 🙂


  4. I loved this post!


  5. Pranita loved your post.i would one day post about common foods in kerala.But you don’t look fat in your photo.you eats a lot.Maybe you should thank your DNA for that.in my case little food i get obese soon 😆


  6. clarissa415

    Reblogged this on Drabarni's Drom Romani and commented:
    Yummy, spices! Here’s a delicious read from https://pranitapatra.wordpress.com/2014/04/


  7. iku2e

    I too like spicy foods 😛


  8. Thank you! 🙂 and poetry is special too! 🙂


  9. Very nice post 🙂


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