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A night of remembrence

It’s a night as dark as the other side of the moon,

A night of remembrance,

The mind reaches, feels its way into the palette of veiled memories 

It glides through and touches the membrane of lost time,

Time and again the mind meddles with your words

The first few moments, looking into your eyes, and looking away,

As your gaze tugged at my heart strings,

Grazing on the lawn of those memories,

Absorbing the depths of those eyes,

The words that past your lips,

The many smiles, each speaking a tongue of its own,

Your many overlaying Shades and intertwined layers,

Unknown to you, Enticed I was pulled into your vast free ecstatic world,

The wholesomeness of your laughter,

Its sound playing giddy music to my heart,

My senses tingle and shiver as sweet torment sweeps over me,

Filling the soul with enrapturing pain of longing,

As your mind, meant to ride on the high tides,

Has past by me, bereft me of your essence,

Your soul probing and unraveling the mysteries of your world,

You are on your self-mapped voyage,

Its past midnight, I stand by the shore,

Hoping the waves and the sultry wind carry the sound of my heartbeats,

The sound of tender whispers, will they touch your soul?

Will you turn back and let your eyes speak to me?

Will you string my soul to yours, befriend it?

Seal the bond of friendship with a smile,

A smile that speaks the language of eternal pure bonds.


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The mind, a shell

There are multiple sections in the mind inhibited,

Each a world apart from the other

Each section reflected in the universe outside

Each section a shell,

Each an ocean deep well within itself

Each shell strung to its subset of realities

There are multiple realities that traverse parallel within it

Also parallel to creeks of realities in another shell

Each reality unfolds passages to its own vastness

Each passage leads to abundant possibilities but with unequal unknown probabilities

Rewinding to the shell

Can you step into a shell, fall through

Can you float out of it and roll into another uncorrelated reality,

As you fall through,

Can you split up into multiple renditions of yourself?

And raft through creeks of another reality?

Creeks within a passage, of a sister shell?

A nut, blessed with shells within the shell,

 Its shell splits at the start at a singular point,

And a perfect rendezvous at its end,

Can all these realities be traversed in, by a single soul?

As to the hold the elements of the matter together,

A single rivulet from start to end ain’t enough,

As it is but a string not a shell.

And you need a to fuse all realities into one,

One shell, a perfect shell.

P.S- Something born out complexities in the mind, the dream to see the mind’s vision reflected in reality and the need and want to attack the dream from all sides. 

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Flying and Evolving


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Game of assumed rules and not so few words.

We are playing a game, a game for which most of us do not know the rules, but we have assumed that they do exist. Each day we survive on a few words that we have built our life on, dignity, right and wrong, next what, goal, best, perfection, achievement, need, where next so on and on. Not so few are they, but we invented them and we have been making our own perceptions of these words, analyzing their weight and their rules and demands at every stage every second of our lives. Every moment we make choice, we twist and turn in our heads the value and meaning of these words in our context. We wonder and ask ourselves, whether we are meeting the standard? We mould them to suit our need and we hold on to them to justify and choose our choices and then choose among those choices. Sometimes, it’s a torture, at times when our instinct matches what we want,” life’s fair to us” we say.

From the beginning till the end we all depend on something, on a person, on a value, on an idea, on a concept, on to a belief, neither of us are free, neither of us are independent. The terms are only relative.

When human became human, what did dignity mean to that human, what did humanity mean to him? What were his ethics?  What was nudity to him? We were born nude right? Then how did the concept of nude even taken birth??

It was a life based on basic survival instinct, one animal against another, of raw power, when power did not exist but its seeds were being planted. But you see power always existed, A dinosaur ruled the world with sheer power of its size, might sound funny, but ain’t it true?

Then too every man knew the beast in him, acknowledged it and used it. Today we hide it. We camouflage it, some of us have made the camouflage our jacket that comes off at our will and some of us have made it our skin, but we all tend towards shedding some skin in our lifetimes. But as we suppress it, it plays its own game inside. The devil attacks those words each day, the devil fights against our assumed rules.  But the devil is evolving it is changing it does strategize and its priorities have changed. Sometimes the devil is not a devil in the real sense but just our relatively freer dual personality speaking up.

These manipulations, strategies, words, how much to they give us? How much to they take away and refrain from us? What do they blind us towards?

I have noticed and felt the brunt of it, have been a victim of myself, have seen my own games playing out and ruining so much, so many relationships. There are times when the each word seems like the other, the lines between what stand in the context what we assume just get blurred. There seem to be two axes, at time multiple ones too and we keep searching for the point or the points in the plane that lie on the line equation. Self-esteem and ego, want and need I find are a few pairs of those axes.

The plasma that we have created, we all collide in it, we try to make new compositions of oxygen to live on it. It metamorphosizes but its core, its basic unit cell doesn’t really change.

How did we come to this point, are we spiraling upwards or downwards? Or are we just static, and relativity is the illusion?

There are thousands of questions brewing inside my head, and it all seems to be coming out in the form of this rambling account of my thoughts.

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Pain, I succumb to it


Pain ain’t killing me

I only succumb to it

Let it drown me in its lustful tears

Tears wash over my being,

My most vile and reckless corners,

 My most adrift and floating corners,

The spots which were once delusionally alive,

Are now losing their glossiness,

Coming out of reverie to face the hollowness,

Eerie truths beckon me,

Teaching me that truth lies in nothingness

It lies in the omnipresent yet unfound vacuum,

Pain reins me towards that Vacuum

Manuscripts drenched in the stench of our sanctimonious thoughts,

Shredding these manuscripts, I float into the vacuum

It is a universe like none other, a light spirals around me

And I drink my tears, to quench my thirst as I awaken to the light

To find it to be a black hole, where zillions of tear drops are afloat, 

They lay waiting to be absorbed by their owners, to fuel them to rise above themselves

I see my reflection in those drops, and I look beyond my eyes

I find all that was scattered and broken seem to come together

To light the fire within, to hand me the quill to script my own perceptive truths

To find my own compass,

Pain at last awakens my voracious desire to live

It makes me whole, it my makes me soar to find myself

I succumb to it, only to find my bliss while I drown and burn in it.

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An imprint, A carving on my soul

Your words have left an imprint on my mind,

On my soul, and the imprint now shadows my poetry,

The lines now feast on the now bitter sweet memories

But words fail to emote the tide of galvanized emotions

The tide rises above my present, shading it

I struggle to let to go, only to hold on tighter,

Even when a doubtful voice rises above the madness

Questioning if it’s all an illusion,

Yet the eyes reach beyond the sub conscious,

And the soul scurry’s, no, stomps along on a quest,

A quest to sketch and re sketch your beauty,

Wondering each time if the shades are right,

As each is underneath the other,

Both your darkness and the scintillating light within,

Each has enamored my soul,

Touched and awakened a part within that was dormant,

And now I paint scenarios in a non-existent time zone of my life

Thankful for the weaving of my life path,

It brought me on yours’, but your free way came too soon,

I rest in a cave of lonely dreams; we are all lone souls I concur,

I savored the depth of your words;

Words whose echoes now fill my ears and haunt my dreams,

 I basked in your unearthly beauty,

Now my human weakness to crave for more rises,

stealthily creep’s up to conquer the fort guarding the soul

A light kiss of the fervor is all my words breathe out,

Yet again they seem incapable of satiating the turbulence within,

I re live those moments, pain is food for life indeed,

Hope, is all I have, hope for our paths to spiral to a fleeting moment,

A tangential moment is the least I hope for,

As hope never lies low,

 Parallel and conjoint paths are distant hopes embedded in its seed,

But for now I stay lost in the memories

And as you wrote about time, I rephrase the same

Time indeed continues to carve its own piece on my soul.

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I thought this resembled dragons or repltiles,not sure. Do let me know your thoughts:-)

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Worn Out

Worn out

Worn out like those fraying petals,

Boldly staring at the sun, when it is drought that plague’s her world

Worn out of battling the rays, mindlessly prodding to take her away with him

Rooted into the barren land, no wings to rise up

 Waiting for the winds to blow, however dry or unhinged they might ply

Waiting for a traveler to pluck her from the delirium

But that is repulsive to even her worn out mind

Worn out of hoping or recklessly imagining a world non-existent,

            Non-existent even in a parallel universe

So she dips, and falls off the branch

Far away from its shadowy shelter

For she knows dry storms and hot winds are bound to drench the air soon,

More than willing to traverse to a sultry or mighty fierce cold land,

She waits worn out on the barren land.

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The Dark Power

The world is tumbling down

And the stars gazing at its heaps of fortitude melting and beaten down to malleable pieces of pain and angst

Hope minuscule being sucked and played on and desire dark and led by demented power

A desire to take over and claim what is and what isn’t anybody’s

To grab and twist the power, possess and hold it as a culpable morsel in tightly clasped claws.

Clawing to take and shred and tear into pieces the world that is not formed with our power

A scathing voice of demonic greed thinks it is powerful enough to masticate morsels,

 The morsels ones below want to save,

The ones that they want to trade in exchange for a life that they are licking off the floors to save

It’s a world ruled by rising fiery spirits of revenge and rotten dreadfully dark desires

Stalling and playing the game of grabbing the sword as the head rises,

Rise’s enough to show the neck. And chopping it off, bleeding their laughter with the last wheezing out breaths

Watching the life go out and waiting for the body to stop writhing and the head to slack off roll away

A slice of the skin they all taste and savor whether their victory was worth the expense of the energy and skill of the sword

A prompt sly smile, stirring the corners of that blood stained lips,

Eyes raving the beaten down fortitude for next prey with the hapless dead by spirit and beggared by sanity soul.

Stilling in their high risen throne, enthralled in its hunt,

Drilling in with unsatiated thirst to spitefully ravage the weak and destitute corners of a soul once more.

P.S- I am not sure what prompted me to write this, but it just seem to flow through the mind.

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The casket of life

As I stand on the arch,

The arch around life, breathing breathless life

I withdraw from the suction of the life net

I look below and I find a buzzing hive

Simmering pools of sparkling ardour

Variant colors

It is the galaxy of netted connections

As one breathes, thinks, the cells around vibrate

Emitting life, another life strikes a cord

Transforming a ray into a beam

There are beams of the emancipated,

Looking for a zealous atom to fuse with

There are two rays trotting parallel,

Feeding off each other’s glow

Two maiden stars, foreplaying each other

Sensing the vibrating passions silently flowing

Dancing to the sound of their own breath,

 A glorious fission awaiting its fulfillment

Another star plotting to steal a comrade’s light,

A mind somewhere prodding awake another mind, far off

Reaching for the other’s thoughts, looping unknowingly

The air sizzles with lustrous modicums of dew drops

It’s like the virtual nuclear fusion of seemingly complex compositions

But its evolution starts from those dew drops

Dew drops of desire,

The desire within all species to keep inhaling

Feeding off the vibrating energy within the arch

Sparks and fiery balls of fused particles and residue scatter hither thither

Blasting against the walls, striking hard

But the arch around the locked casket of life holds it all together.

And the net of life continues to burgeon,

To find ways within ways,

Cutting across and evolving and knitting the net,

It indeed seems like the virtual galaxy of evolving god particles.

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