Medusa And The Vow

 A pen jerking between the fingers on the verge of mumbling,

Mumbling that which the heart is too jittery to feel

Feel those brazen spasms,

Spasms that seduce the wise notions of the heart

Fingers kneading the pen, stalling the moment of confession,

Confession through feared emoting poetry,

Confession through a strife that the heart is too timorous to face,

Remembrance of a promise stings the heart’s flaming walls and treacherous hearts beats,

 Accusing it and its arrhythmic drumming of blasphemy,

   An infatuating Medusa creeps up those walls caressing,

Caressing the weak cornered vessels,

Vessels of hungry fickle strained fiery animal spirit,

Spirit that was until now dormant under the stormy eyes of painful vows of now dead passion,

Passion killed by thy unabashed assaults on the heart,

Crushing into a pulp the faith on joyous love,

The heart now shudders and in hushed tones whispers

“Am I a sinful being, am I vile, am I losing my poise?”

The strife sees no end, neither a win, nor a loss in the near vicinity,

The heart succumbs to its fate of immortal and unsettling,

Blistering and slashing strife between the two,

The two being,

A baptized Medusa kindling new life and a painful vow paralyzing the same.

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22 thoughts on “Medusa And The Vow

  1. iku2e

    witty and joyful, not erotic but sexy, difficult to understand the heart, feelings of the cornered vessels, still nice to read 😛


    • 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Heart is always difficult to understand somehow! Or we are just scared to understand it ! 🙂


      • iku2e

        Haha true 🙂 it’s difficult to understand it 🙂 nobody scared of their own heart but the heart which refuse to make the hidden secrets 🙂 to their masters


  2. Your words are so sensual..To the heart and passionate at the same time, truly beautiful 🙂


  3. vattanalle?…………. 🙂 🙂 🙂



  4. oh no i think i have to do some serious readings of poems or books like alchemist and all.shit you may be thinking this guy can’t even understand my poem,but is saying big things well that was the mystery i always come across-niharika,you,nithin some terrific english words in poems and stories you people writes as if you are foreighners.


  5. ek comedy hua that 17 year old abhilasha(my silent escape blog),she was liking and commenting almost all my blogs and even she understood that objects in the mirror thing and said you writes good etc.but when i told her i am 28 she just vanished.i think i have to make her normal by saying call me sherin 😆


  6. Hi.. a poem is always open to interpretation of different kinds.. I write you can understand whatever you want to from the poem! 🙂 its not important or necessary to understand my point thoughts in the poem! there is no wrong and right understanding of a poem!Thank you for reading and understanding the poem in your own way!:)


  7. ok thanks delete the rest of the comments.i told you i am not normal(vattanu 😆 ),just goes on commenting stupid things 😦


  8. pranita do you know my female name.yes even some girls in my class had name can guess what happens everybody laughs confusion hoga when teacher calls my name.see if i can call a 60 year old australian peter,you also can do is ok you can call whatever you want unless it is not something bad 😆 anyway ek naam me kya hai right?

    i know 28 is the age where i should have entered another phase of life but like your poem fear fear.oh god i don’t know anything about buying vegetables,running a family,raising kids 😦 but people without knowing all these things does it successfully right?experience might be the best teacher.may be i should just go through the fear not around it as i said 🙂


  9. ok it is your blog.can do as you like.but you know i have ocd,i am little abnormal,fears unnecessarily,but should everybody know that?atleast delete comment which says i am not normal and
    that vattanalle comment.please?


  10. All that grey mater thinks and jumbled nerves feel

    Yup brain is really complex.who else than me to know it 😆


  11. good night 😆


  12. may be you are thinking i should not have made friendship with this insane guy right? 🙂
    but teacher all my poems came from that insane mind you are absolutely correct can’t understand how on earth our mind works,sees things,judge things 😆


  13. teacher are you proposing an eye to eye strategy in your new poem?you know what they do with a male person who commits rape in arab countries?they cut off his…………
    look india is a different country may be the only country where they put a free lawyer for the criminal.
    so many things have to be investigated before reaching a conclusion right?Bringing foreighn laws will it work?may be yes but india is india who follows something hard to replace 😆
    i remember the shocking incident of that girl got raped in bus.may be drugs may be lack of parental care,lack of sex education but maybe you are right if i was the judge i would give them maximum punishment.well i am glad you are thinking of all the changes we need to make a better india 🙂


  14. sorry yaar i know i am testing ur patience.aisa lag raha hai ki me ek crossroad pe khado ho?good lord ye world,ye lok,ye sab paisa par chalta hai kiss path chunu khuda jaane 😦


  15. Rain on,Rain on,Rain on here,
    Flood on,Flood on,Flood On here,
    wish i had a glass of beer on here,
    and a camera to capture rain here!!!!


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