I Will Stay Me

I will stay me

You tell me I am not worth the piece of earth I stand on

I will stay me

You tell me I am not what I was

I tell you then I am glad and I will stay me

There are two sides to a coin

And you tell me I am neither,

I tell you I can make the coin stand and roll on its edge,

And I can roll with it, can you?

You tell me I should follow,

I should follow, imbibe your thoughts,

I should mold myself around you?

I tell you, I prefer to be as loose as the sand at the sea shore

You tell me I shine too much, and I blind you,

I am blinding myself,

I will tell you, you have a cataract,

A cataract that you are proud of, but it blinds you,

And I will shine, I will sparkle and I will lend my shine,

I will lend it to those who need and deserve,

And in turn I will teach them to out shine all,

You tell I should adhere to the norms,

I will tell you for once and all,

Those norms are yours to make and break,

I make my own always,

You tell me I should mellow down,

I am a threat to your ego,

Well that’s just plain sad, I am no ego nurse,

You tell me I should hold your hand,

You tell me the world is too big,

And I am too little,

I am too little and too less significant,

I tell you I am the master of my own ship,

And my mind, my intuition and I am my own compass,

And I will remain so,

You ask me who I want to become,

I tell you, I will stay me,

I tell you that each day,I want to be more me than I was the yester day.

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18 thoughts on “I Will Stay Me

  1. Bhakti

    Every word of yours resonates with my feelings too πŸ™‚
    Loved it Pranita


  2. And you.. Pranita stay you, stay absolutely amazing the way you are! πŸ™‚


  3. Always listen to your heart and be like this πŸ™‚


  4. Great post Pranita πŸ™‚


  5. Shine on, Pranita, shine on as only you can: )


  6. teacher me jo bhi stupid comments dal de tum blogging mat stop karna ok?.me kuch aisa hi hoon kya kare.sometimes we do some things even when we know we won’t get any response right?why i did all this(some 26 comments) if you ask me i don’t have any answer.and one more thing i know you would respond harshly if i put that akriti and men are superior comments.teacher even when you respond harshly i am getting a feeling inside,you are not that angry.actually i had no issues with akriti.if i have to dislike someone i have to like that person on the first place right? πŸ˜†


  7. teacher you are lucky.most parents would want their child to become engineer or doctor.also these daughters have high demand in marriage and all.but people like you surprise me,you can make a difference where it can matter like feeding young minds with good thoughts.They are the one who can lead our future india right?may be i am saying non sense right?if you feel so thrash this one also ok?


  8. The reason i said you surprised me is because i beleive you had a good educational qualification to become a doctor or engineer.but you choose this teaching kids profession.now understood.some of my comments including akriti were sirf masak keliye tha.(just for horror πŸ˜† ).sorry ok?


  9. Teacher one more thing.i told you i only have limited knowledge on things.so if any of my comments hurt you i actually did not mean it to be that way and please forgive me ok?
    OCD disorder just makes everything complex.now if i have to delete you from my memory lagta hai i have to again go to my lady psychiatrist.it was all my mistake.with i should have been care full while sharing my personnel things to you.but you should continue writing ok?god bless.


  10. one last thing.yes it is my ocd which made everything a mess and also the culprit behind my continous comments.if i did not had ocd when i felt i am hurting you i would easily forgotten you.sorry i now feel like someone ended up in a strange place without knowing if there is any train to my village.it will come i am sure i am only asking you few days.i will correct everything ok.one thing i am sure it is not my ocd that made me like you.it was your innocent face,teaching kids,poems,drawings,boldness everything.you can say you sometimes roll into a steam,turns to volcano to someone else because i know you cannot cannot be like that.once again sorry for asking doubts related to baby making.after all you only had my sisters age.i even forgot that 😦


  11. Are yaar you are scaring me.kya ho gaya.kuch bhi ho if you stop blog writing i can olny think it was because my continous comments were torturing you 😦 kal kya hoga?narendra modi will win sure right?


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