Poisonous Illusion

Sometimes it lasts in love

Sometimes it hurts instead

Define love,

Define lasting,

Define hurt

Specify the sometimes, the timelines

All of them ingredients of the same poison

A mixture, not an amalgam

Each slipping in its own flavor

Each making sure the victim doesn’t taste one without the other

A poison called attachment

A poison whose unit cells are hunger

Hunger that shows in the eyes

Hunger that blurs all the bars

Bars of the jail,

Jail where the element is convicted

Convicted of blasphemy of being lonely,

Convicted of all those sensations,

Sensations whose mother is itself

Trapped alone,

Looking for a cell mate,

Found or unfound, a mystery

Trying to flee, trying to dig a whole

With bare hands,

But it’s all blurred,

It’s all an illusion within an illusion,

The head bangs on the bars,

And the beaten, lost hungry self topples over,

Remaining trapped, Out of the illusion within the illusion,

Waiting hungry for another.

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6 thoughts on “Poisonous Illusion

  1. The hunger, which we all wish filled right? powerful views of this Pranita.. 🙂


    • Yup, but somehow it never is filled, its like trying to reach the bottom of an ocean of infinite depth! 🙂


      • The heart is certainly something hard to satisfy alright! never ending search but we never give up trying 🙂


      • Yeah we certainly don’t till the end! Its almost like the sole reason to live! satisfying the heart and attachment could be to just anything! 🙂


  2. ” A poison called attachment”– very true.


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