Game of assumed rules and not so few words.

We are playing a game, a game for which most of us do not know the rules, but we have assumed that they do exist. Each day we survive on a few words that we have built our life on, dignity, right and wrong, next what, goal, best, perfection, achievement, need, where next so on and on. Not so few are they, but we invented them and we have been making our own perceptions of these words, analyzing their weight and their rules and demands at every stage every second of our lives. Every moment we make choice, we twist and turn in our heads the value and meaning of these words in our context. We wonder and ask ourselves, whether we are meeting the standard? We mould them to suit our need and we hold on to them to justify and choose our choices and then choose among those choices. Sometimes, it’s a torture, at times when our instinct matches what we want,” life’s fair to us” we say.

From the beginning till the end we all depend on something, on a person, on a value, on an idea, on a concept, on to a belief, neither of us are free, neither of us are independent. The terms are only relative.

When human became human, what did dignity mean to that human, what did humanity mean to him? What were his ethics?  What was nudity to him? We were born nude right? Then how did the concept of nude even taken birth??

It was a life based on basic survival instinct, one animal against another, of raw power, when power did not exist but its seeds were being planted. But you see power always existed, A dinosaur ruled the world with sheer power of its size, might sound funny, but ain’t it true?

Then too every man knew the beast in him, acknowledged it and used it. Today we hide it. We camouflage it, some of us have made the camouflage our jacket that comes off at our will and some of us have made it our skin, but we all tend towards shedding some skin in our lifetimes. But as we suppress it, it plays its own game inside. The devil attacks those words each day, the devil fights against our assumed rules.  But the devil is evolving it is changing it does strategize and its priorities have changed. Sometimes the devil is not a devil in the real sense but just our relatively freer dual personality speaking up.

These manipulations, strategies, words, how much to they give us? How much to they take away and refrain from us? What do they blind us towards?

I have noticed and felt the brunt of it, have been a victim of myself, have seen my own games playing out and ruining so much, so many relationships. There are times when the each word seems like the other, the lines between what stand in the context what we assume just get blurred. There seem to be two axes, at time multiple ones too and we keep searching for the point or the points in the plane that lie on the line equation. Self-esteem and ego, want and need I find are a few pairs of those axes.

The plasma that we have created, we all collide in it, we try to make new compositions of oxygen to live on it. It metamorphosizes but its core, its basic unit cell doesn’t really change.

How did we come to this point, are we spiraling upwards or downwards? Or are we just static, and relativity is the illusion?

There are thousands of questions brewing inside my head, and it all seems to be coming out in the form of this rambling account of my thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “Game of assumed rules and not so few words.

  1. I think much of nudity is culturally based. Being ashamed or feeling inadequate of our body is a terrible burden we carry, a hangover from Christian literalism (shame based and fear can’t be good). I always saw the metaphor of adam and eve being naked in the same way that one ‘bares’ their soul, or is being their genuine selves. We were once natural and in communion with Consciousness. We put on a mask or the clothes of fear based ego nowadays and hide our genuine inner true selves, leading to a culture that is based in extreme shallowness in everything from interactions with others to mainstream news. We even call living ”getting your act together.” There are nudist camps and the people talk about this sense of freedom, but I don’t know if I could join, could you? So in a way I’m clinging to a false belief that was engrained in me without my permission. How many of our beliefs hold back our collective evolution? I would guess there are many, most not identified.


    • I agree, there are so many false u or rather other’s beliefs and idea that we have been absorbing unconsciously ever since we were born that it is difficult to recognize them at let go! And even if do become aware of them, the beliefs that have no base, there is something that holds us back from just being what we want to in the moment. At this point in life, I am not sure I could be part of the nudist camp!
      But sometimes all it takes is a pull to break that cord and go ahead and do what we want to, once the cord is broken, I guess one could enter into another concept of freedom and stop caring what the society says! But its a long journey with a lot of conscious nurturing of our mental processes!


      • I think identifying and releasing fear and or beliefs is a life long process, but I personally feel it’s something we should be doing. It’s like that is our true purpose, and no, it’s not easy at all. (Well it can be easy, but we all tend to complicate it)


  2. Nature, I don’t think it was made to really be defined, we are constantly caught in our on windstorm of emotions and through them we begin to have doubts, thus the feeling of the need to cover ourselves within our own camouflage. If that makes sense? 🙂 :S


  3. Nice article. We need to conform to social norms as far as possible.


  4. i agree with hipmonkey.we can’t be like adam and eve.we cannot express everything we feel inside.we have to controll some things like camouflaging.i am christian because my parents were christian.there are some things which just can’t be changed in a day or two i believe.


  5. Your blog is one of my favorite because you ask such questions with such eloquence, particularly in your poetry. I write cute little verses while you probe the depths and reaches of the human psyche.

    In some ways asking if we are spiraling down or headed up is meaningless. Who defines up or down? If we destroy our planet that is definitely down, but if our civilization crashes and we end up in a different state, who is to say if it is better or worse in the long run?

    That being said, I think that the fact that people ask such questions gives hope to our future as seen from the standpoint of civilization. I think that the fact that people are outraged over things that just a short time ago was the norm, like over the unequal treatment because of caste in parts of your country or race in mine, is a good sign that things will improve for all people. Of course that is counterbalanced by the negative effects of greed, thirst for power and religious strife.

    Just one more quick point before this becomes as long as your post – nudity. The first reason for clothing is protection against our environment. If you’ve played with a puppy you quickly learn our skin is not as tough as theirs. We are a fragile species. Our specie’s relationship with sex is different than most so clothing helps us keep that side of our animal nature at bay. Of course it also hides our cultural vulnerabilities. I have taken several figure drawing classes and have seen many different types of people in the nude. I was almost surprised to find during the first class that there was zero feelings of sexuality and no embarrassment at all. Conversation with the people in the class, young and old, male and female, didn’t change. Even conversation with the model didn’t change after they stripped down. Of course I had a task, drawing or painting, but I think this goes a long way towards showing how much nudity is more cultural than physical, except where clothing is need as protection against the environment. (On the other hand, once an instructor told me I should consider modeling to see it from the other side. I think I’d die of embarrassment to expose myself that way; ))


    • Thank you so much:) It makes me really happy that when I express what I think and feel, you can connect and appreciate it! That’s what every writer wants I am guessing! 🙂

      Your answer and thought has clicked with me, That is so true, and our earth has been crashing and then building to start an existence a new state always! 🙂 That is quite a thought! 🙂

      And I am intrigued by your experience, it must have been quite something to become so normal in a completely different, new environment, something very soothing about such kind of openness and maturity, might be liberating too!

      Lol, I would be embarrassed and shy too if it were asked of me, I guess! 🙂


  6. equinoxio21

    Upward of course! That’s the hardest way! 🙂 However difficult, we can always look for the sun. When you’re down, one thng works very well. Need a bit of breeze for that. Pick a tree, any tree, and look at the branches, the way the leaves move and flutter. How the light plays on each leaf. As long as you want. 10 seconds? 10 minutes? I advise against 10 hours. You might need glasses then 🙂
    Take care


    • 😀 I will actually do that, a few minutes maybe but hours in the sun, I would be fried! If we are heading to another end.. Is that upwards too? But yes, we prefer to go against’ gravity, simple and easy bores us! 😀

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