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Spin Wheel

There is smoke, a heavy darkness wearing down

The air looks alive but is dead within its morsels

People push through, blinded yet unaware

An opaque world reflects back, an illusion thus of clear sight

They plough through, feet dug deep in the fields ,

Fields endowed or cursed with camouflaged seeds,

Seeds of a will to reach the end, Seeds that breed the notion of control,

 As though procreating an unbridled life,

But stealthily forming the chains beneath,

The seeds grow roots,entangling and knotting each other,

As we animals pull, racing one another to reach our death,

To meet the dead end, in hopes of leaving the dead weight behind

And fall off the cliff,

Only to realize, we ride a spin wheel that revolves thyself,

The seeds we have been sowing ever since we wanted to be humans,

Today a forest that has evolved out of those very grains,

And it burns today, engulfing us in its smoke,

Turning the shell dark,

Fanned by our needs,

And our loss of desire for the serenity within nature’s chaos,

Our refusal to stay still, Just still enough to feel the spin wheel.

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Galloping Into The Wilderness

Galloping into the wilderness

uncaring for the tall bushes, the thorny branches,

And the twisted creepers along the way

Forging a way to into the world of primal souls,

Souls unbridled , risen out of the glossy plasma,

A maze of rigid structures built on beds of fruits,

Fruits of a mirage encrypted into the thought, culture,

Eyes glowing, a shadow of the fire crackling within

The fire to touch the secrets of the woods,

A free wanderer tears ahead

Perspiring with beads of brazen thrill of wilderness,

Shackle free,

The mind of a woman inhibited evolves to her intrinsic self,

The beauty of dark woods, the shadows, the silhouettes,

The rustling whispers that speak through the silence

A life more alive than the life in a world sketched with lines

A world sketched with just dots and spatters,

And dark patches, More real than the closed well left behind

The moonlight entices the soul,

Drawing out its animal zeal,

The quest to absorb the nature,

Grow with it to knead the fire within,

To live and thrive in its vital form,

In a pack or alone,

Succumbing to the souls yearnings,

Feet reigned by its wildest, merest wishes

Cherishing each emotion,

Savoring the pain of bereftness,

Drowning in the ecstatic high of fulfillment,

Fornicating with every moment of wilderness,

The soul of the woman is set free on an infinite journey

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Fused Frequencies

Waves of fused frequencies tunnel their way,

Fusion uninhibited leading to myriad rhythms

Each frequency tingles a cell,

And Each cell sways, bends, drops, taps

Matching the rhythm of the grooving frequencies,

The impulses within rise and fall, as though in a trance,

A musical trance that blocks the noise inside and outside,

Only letting self loose itself to its raw nature,

Letting the mind wander unencumbered on its desired path

How mystical,

Almost cryptic the connection,

Between the rhythmic sounds and psyche, flesh and limbs,

It brings together fragments of the soul,

Ignites the spark just born or dying out,

wounds blind to the world outside,It soothes

Such is the power, the essence of fused frequencies.

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Beyond The Entrance

Tears tread down an anew path

Reach the lips,

A few drops swallowed,

A few slide into a chalice,

Half filled now with emptiness of loss,

A Neutralized Void,

Other Half echoing with incomprehensible whispers,

Whispers in an alien language of hope hopefully,

Maybe the humming of music from the land ahead,

The land of wolves?

There is null, a heavy null frosting the airs of the chalice

Yet within the null, the mind tries,

Mind tries to cast a reflection on the frost,

Within line of sight of thy eyes of the soul,

A vision of a different free future,however hazy,

The soul stands just beyond the arched entrance into an unknown terrain,

The fragrance from those lands have drifted beyond,

To be inhaled by the soul,

Also murmurs of its stench have brushed the ears,

A thrill swishes through the veins,

Thorns flow across with it, tearing at the skin from within,

The flesh savors the burning pain,

As the soul attempts to numb it,

Unleashing its will,

The walls of the chalice quake,

A sheath formed from fragments of vision and hope ,

Engulf the goblet, firming its poise,

Beyond the arched gate,at twilight stands the soul,

Taking in the sight of the moor ahead.

Musing to itself words of hope, soothing the wounds of past agonies.

Harmonizing the world within.

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Naked Soul

Surrendering, sinking

Letting the soul succumb to its weakness

Sliding off the peripheral skin

Moving away from the consciousness,

And letting sub conscious reign the way

And letting the colors of self float into another palate,

Unsuspecting of the dark colors that could form

Reveling in the thrill of a unwonted impulses

Unknown to the corrosion of thee soul,

The bright colors, the light peaceful ones are now clouded

Letting another change self,

Graciously melting into another being,

Floating through the fear of being seen

Naked soul traverses through winding lanes

Lost in a whirlwind of tears and smiles

It sees hints of slashes and hears the shrieks

Realization dawn’s that a voice inside is dying,

It is being buried alive,

It is being shunted and is lost, the soul is blistered

Its own magical colors,

Its chameleon powers have been stolen, ripped off

Or simply dissolved and lost its essence,

It, the naked soul now silently searches for its adornments

Finding them in a corner, its voice and its fight,

It redresses and inches back,

It gathers its allies,

And chooses the colors it wants,

It distills and finds its true elements,

Clutching in its hand its sub consciousness

Tenderly nurturing it, and listening to its silent stories

Letting it heal and reform into anew self,

Surrender, the soul has learn its lesson on it

A naked soul stands naked surrendering only to self now.

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Chains bind the ankles, bind the nervous impulses,

The cold steel stings the warm blooded creature,

In the eyes of the fellow mates,

She ain’t warm,

But a cold blooded sorcerer,

Love for self battles ferociously,

 Grinding to strike down the righteous thoughts of the community with sheer will,

A thriving community and yet each living being a lone soul,

Her eyes linger on the trails of the path ahead,

Which path does one choose??

A path dark or a path illuminated by non-luminous sources

A path dark she willed to choose,

As she knew in heart, the light of her soul was her company,

The blazing torch within would reveal all,

The shady and seemingly sinister corners,

The flower laden bed

But underneath, poison ivy and deadly spines.

Yet the soul marches sanguinely,

 Knowing the healing drug for all wounds her path could inflict,

The path itself would brew,

Yet as her foot touches the path chosen

The chains trap her, pulling her up, leaving her dangling,

As the path not chosen sends its demons,

Demons that hide in the shadows and blindness of its blinding light,

Pulling the chains intending to leave marks,

Ravenous and soul thirsty,

Thirsty to crush and savor the freedom of soul,

Plotting to drown the traveler in its whirlpool of delusional reality,

Yet a soul as unencumbered and as uninhibited,

As numb to the enchantment of the moonshine,

As untouched by glossy facets of our existence,

Neither fears these fiends of the other path,

Nor is pained in soul by the vicious attacks,

The marks sting, But only if she lets them,

Blinding the attackers with her own luminosity,

She buys time, trapped as she is,

Will she find her weapons to cleave the chains?

Will the winds take her side and carry her to desired path?

Trapped by servile righteousness and yet trapped by hope and will of her soul,

Trapped she is.

 Photo Credits:- “Chained soul by Darryl King” /Google

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It came through a window above,

He stood under watching since the dawn of universe,

Watched the light oscillating,

As though a pebble dropped into still water,

And the curtains swayed as though ripples centrifuging,

Only to be drawn in again,

Every phenomenon on thy earth traversed to and fro the passage,


He watched as his kind molded,

Molded emotions into singular streams of elements,

Elements that all now strive to live by,

Rarely do we remember the water cycle,

Dignity was born but alas it was susceptible to mastication,

Masticated souls writhed in pain,

But pain escaped from the window,

To be re-incarnated at times as revenge,

Some times as vacuum of only distress,

Hope fell through,

But alas its vacillating nature,

It veers in and out of the window


He stood on hands of a clock when time was unknown to man

He wondered at the incredible anonymity of the power

The power that created the vacuum,

Vacuums within vacuums

And each vacuum smudged by constellations of gravity,

Ripples within ripples,

He wonders aghast at the simple complexity of the machinery

And wondered who created the creator,

The clock, its hands make the ripples,

He stood watching the ripples lost,

Lost in the illusion like reality,

As he tried to fracture the reality in his mind

On a quest to find the real reality. 

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Two Dented Souls


Two dented souls find one another

Each snuggling into the hollow of the other

Absorbing the pain of the razored cuts ,

Letting the vacuum breathe in the aroma of the enchanting soul,

Surrendering self to the alluring phenomenon of coalesce,

Fusion of senses,

A catastrophic union or a serene resurrection,

Its all a story unfurling in the mind,

Mind of an insignificant simpleton,

A silent call she makes to thy higher power,

A cry of just a lonely soul it ain’t,

Not ounce of haste, wandering in the dark woods of unrequited love,

But to fill her eyes with a peak inside her love’s soul,

So she picks up the pieces she finds,

She follows the trail left behind,

She joins the pieces, sketches in secret, wanting to know the face inside,

She knows,she feels the danger lurking on the path,

But it only fuels the fervor in her prayers,

Willing to be shattered and dented again,

Willing to loose all, for possibly few moments of her ecstatic dream,

Willing to be broken, for the moments that hold the power,

The power to make make each piece live a life undead, a life full of itself,

As the soul has a mind of its own,

An undying will of its own,

It can imprison itself,the mind the body,

It glides through lives,in search of what it wants,

A soul’s ambition goes unchallenged through eternity,

For a soul is  obsessive in its quest for its desire’s destination.

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