Ramble on Pathetic Journalism

I am not sure, how this post is going to turn out to be or where it is going to go but it is going to be quite unpoetic I am guessing.

I have been watching lots of movies since the past few weeks, so my mind today was revolving around the lives of actors, how we see them, what do we see them as, how their lives are robbed of privacy and sanity quite often. At the risk of sounding naive, I wondered who was responsible for this and also why the messing up of their lives was such a juicy and happiness inspiring talk for most of us. Yeah, there is the matter about publicity stunts but “dude, get a life”

Then slowly the monkey in my brain jumped to the very often published photos of the actresses when they had an oops dressing moment ( Oops because we have made it oops), known or unknown to them. As though this never happens to any of the people in the real world, Duh. Their cleavage, or a show of her limbs or anything else that is suppose to be bandaged.

Most of us are of the mindset that these women merely exist to entertain us, mostly the ones who are bold and sensual, words which would translate to scantily dressed to much of the crowd. The men, aah the men, men hath no fear, after all the worst could be an unzipped fly in the crowd aside from a morphed/real video tapes of course. And yeah the rest, we have seen it all, its just a part of the scenery, beautiful scenery to be marveled at, those toned muscles and abs, not a truer sign of truer hunk. A hunk that’s all, not a s*** as we call them.

And yeah s***s, You want them, you need them, but you also want to derogate them just to feed your ego, to prove that you are better and almost as though you are doing a sex worker a favor.(yeah right)

To those journalists who earn their living through their gossip and erection inspiring news snippets:-

Do women assets really impact GDP, political affiliations, nuclear wars, poverty? They do pay your living expenses and you pay taxes I am guessing and do the nation a big favor,but really that’s all the journalism you got? Yeah cleavages do generate good amount of money via fashion industry and the film industry and even if I was the worst guesser ever, I would say they and their money pay more taxes than you or your earnings do. The industry has a lot of good perspective to offer too, not all good but quite good.

I get it, you sell what the crowd wants, but don’t you also generate market for the news. The media has great power, just as words do and art does, hence when they sell, they impact. Why feed on a derogatory mindset, when you can change it fellas?

That is because the way people tend to look at actresses, the same carries over to the way they treat or look at women on a day today basis. Of course there are many more factors impacting that outlook apart from the fact their brains are just junk from s*** in the outer space.

The mentioned concern is certainly not a cause of derogatory remarks on women on a day to day basis, but it is what fuels the mindset and the cause. Its a choice between being a part of the change wave that by changing your style and focus or staying on the other side sticking to bad irresponsible journalism, and that’s a choice you guys have to make.

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19 thoughts on “Ramble on Pathetic Journalism

  1. Word!! I agree with you, one of the many reasons I don’t spend any time or energy on topics about actors or actresses, unless they do a worthy cause and even that I’m still waiting on :-\


  2. iku2e

    Rightly said and I want to write the worst comment ever here about those so called journalists, but that wont make any change.. Being sick minded journalists for the sake of popularity of your magazines, dailies , weeklies or whatever those stupid things ( I really dont read any weekly or daily or monthly..).
    It’s nothing different from the oops moment your mums or sisters have, so just respect them and let them do their work..I hope these sick minded journalists all over the world.


  3. iku2e

    Reblogged this on iKu2e and commented:
    Dear Journalists..(reblog dear followers if you can)..


  4. Tell me about it….what’s frustrating is you open the leading newspaper sites…and when you see the trash printed out there…your heart sinks especially when there’s so much relevant to talk about apart from who wants to shed her cloth for some game issue…it’s way nonsense…when people who are public figure acting irresponsibly…it goes two ways….same goes with the journalist community to filter….have spice in better ways not in the name of highlighting on utter trash…


    • Thanks for reading:)
      Yup, the responsibility lies both ways, and would always be great to great to see spicy news where it matters and maybe some happy news on a regular basis one the front pages.:)


  5. Hello Pranita,

    Nicely written article. Let me share some of my thoughts on this. I stopped reading Times of India website, I used to be a frequent visitor of the website for news but most of the website contained bs…I really pity the state of that national media. If you ever get a chance to visit their website, do it once and you will understand your post is apt. Those journalists and editors working there are pathetic. Toilet paper of India, that is what it is.

    The actors also don’t care as they have money and bodyguards, I genuinely think that some of the oops moment are created by them for some cheap publicity.


  6. Music to my ears ,great article. Best wishes.JMS


  7. I agree. I also think you are correct when you say that debasing actresses helps fuel the feeling some people have of women being objects. We should be striving for a world of mutual respect, not of mutual (or one sided) degradation.

    – from another point of view –
    I think many people feel small and by dragging down these famous people they feel a little taller. It’s not an excess, but at least here many of the people who look at those pictures are women who aren’t just looking for a little sexual titillation, but to get that sense of superiority. As far as guys go, the media makes us feel we know these stars more than we know our own neighbors. These pictures make some people feel they know them intimately. This is where the real ‘objectification’ comes in.


    • I think you have explained in depth the psychology behind the interest and the happiness derived from reading news that as u say debases the celebrities. I agree to it 🙂


  8. I think i have to agree with anoop.That website is a great example of cheap marketing.Nowadays everything has become so transparent that i believe we cannot distinguish if it is a deliberate oops moment or media created one.At the end of the day when our country is facing big big issues our media should be more responsible.but i believe you still have a little hatred towards your opposite gender right.no just kidding i think after a long time i red a sensible post.i believe your greatest strength is you think differently.god bless 🙂


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