A Conversation

I vent my anger out in my mind,

In a conversation I have with you,

You and I, we know the what is happening,


You, whatever you are, whoever you are,

I don’t really care, but I know you need to exist,

Because all of this, the universe, the vacuum even, the concept of space

Each morsel that exists and each micro or macro morsel that created another morsel,

All would need to come into existence through another,


You, yourself, how were you born?  How did you come into being?

A phoenix emerges from its own ashes, but did the ashes come first?

Or did the fire or the bird? Either way how does any end or any beginning begin?

If I penned the chain of thoughts on your existence, the chain reaction of words would never cease.


Now, I come back to our conversation, the one we were having,

You are quite the player; you still look me in the eye,

Look us all in the eye, after your games have gone beyond bleeding awry?

Having nurtured the humungous catastrophes,

And dreary events that plague your creations unfurling within the zillion time zones in a clocks single tick-tock,


Millions lie licking the dust off the roads while others stomp on the tongues of these millions,

Ripping each other apart over your creations, cringing at the thought of change,

Shaking internally at thought of being without our robots, our bombs, our knives, our pieces of paper,

Justifying our weakness, Lobbying for the institutes that we once built to harbor structure,

Today the structure, its walls with its glossy art work blinding us, its plastic beauty seducing us,

Lead us to turn a deaf ear to the rumbles from the crumbling base, mutating cells of our minds,

Keeping us shackled to the euphoria of possession, of power to create more steely plastic beauty,

Aware yet ignorant of the tyrant that posses us-“our hunger for this power, the tyrant itself”


All this, must have been initiated by your one fantasy of creating us,

Maybe you are not as psychic about your creations as people make you out to be? “Ouch” did you say?

A weird thought, I wondered if we are just within a video game,

With your kind navigating and playing for both sides,

One for harmony and the other for destruction,

As game advances to next levels do we evolve as we are now?


Sure, you and most of us point fingers at ourselves, so do I

Maybe you created the circumstances, scripted the rules of the game,

And now you reside wherever you reside, within us and all we create did you say?


But I warn you, the hands that lift those heads from the ground, clutching them to their bosom,

Will place on their tongues what is rightfully each one of ours,

Control what we created; dull the paintings on the walls,

Steer our minds and attune our ears to the frequencies of the rumbling sounds,

And turn the dials to raise the voice from within that very magnificent creation of yours,

The feet that walk will draw the line of equity in the absolute sense,

The eyes that see the world, will in its mind find the courage, the power of to resurrect the same within all.

Can’t let you have your own way forever, can we?


I have lot more to say, lot more to ask,

But for now I will let you ponder and mull over our talk,

Hope the next time we see each other, joyous and serene thoughts will be the cause,

Of course this is what I hope every time, however, till our next conversation, adieu.


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4 thoughts on “A Conversation

  1. As always, heartfelt and beautiful as you Pranita, I don’t know why but your posts are not showing at all, did you make changes to your posts sharing? :S


  2. equinoxio21

    Au revoir… Adieu is too… final! 🙂


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