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Designs by Time- A Maze

Time, It walks as though it hath not a care,

Aloof, dispassionately sauntering, sparing neither a thought for all the desolation, nor the euphoria

Existing all by itself, Thriving in its solitude,

Plotting to cast its well scripted plans onto the void, our world, our lives,

Manifesting illusions, one or multiple for its every click,

We mortals, just mere pawns while it attempts at injecting thrill into it’s veins,

“Oh you epitome of enigmatic existence, why not teach us to live like you?

Maybe it ain’t worth your creative talents, ”


A sharp edged hand of a clock, it’s partner in crime,

It plays its part quite beautifully, dexterously,

Digging into the soul’s flesh, Carving out a maze, a unique piece of art,

Maze keeps expanding infinitely in all directions and dimensions,

Invading and capturing the seemingly insurmountable highs and non echoing abyss,

You, my detached mate watch with me the intricately woven designs of your illusions,

Every passing moment absorb the musings of the soul winded in the maze,

Some elated hummings,  some whispers drowning in dread, some lost mutterings of a tipsy lass,

Every click of the clock and scratch of the edge masks the screams and flicks away the tears,


Stormy it is,A few marks fade, a few lines blur,

But the hand retraces the trial, else digs and drags crossing to make new paths,

A rendition of mine treads down the old known pathways,

Another struts along the anew one,

Peering ahead, trying to discern unexpected twists, turns and dead ends,

Or misleading ends blurred by fog, Its walls smudged and smeared with just paintings of landscapes beyond,

As though the landscapes are real pathways, not just delusional sights,


Inside the maze, one is bound to catch glimpses of oneself, maybe combat the other,

The pawn must face itself, loose itself to seek the truths that haunt and breeze through here,

Despite the unattainable pedestal of truth, the non-existent end one must trudge on if not gallop,

Indulge self in demolishing and resurrecting to find the same and demistify the secrets in here,

One must clutch on to the dagger like hand,

Engage thee, time, while savoring the derisive scars your designs impinge upon us,

While you mock us with your unaffected, disavowed  stature.

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To my Dear Sweetheart

To my dear sweetheart,

You are sweet indeed, I am sure, but many a flavor twist and turn your primal taste,

I crave to know your compositions,you are music is uncanny,forever pushing, then swaying me as I stand at the edge,

Are you fickle, or is that just your pretentious sheath, trying to tumble me as I stamp my own feet?

But you are me, why would you do that ?oh my sweetheart, enlighten my being today,

I search your depths, I seek answers from you for the wise old owl you are,

Are you as wise as I make you out to be?  I vouch for you, you know that,

But hope, you haven’t joined hands with a third, ally you think it is?

No my sweet, destiny is elusive, a trap, an ally or foe, I know not,

Colluding with a power above both of us, you and me are one,

We create karma, thy power, my will and trust, but the third animal, hath no stakes in our karma,

Lets not invite or give space to that invader,

As I skim, then scan, then delve deeper harrowing the depths, braving my fears,

Yes,my fears,as I wade through the sand, it all comes together behind me,the sun shines no more,as I lie beneath the desert,

I ask you, what are you capable of? Are you capable of love? Do you understand love?

I ask you, how do you reign you devils, how do you recognize them, how do you accept them for what they are?

I ask you again, love,can you really love another? Or do you seek to only fill the pores, satiate your desires, then call it love,

Don’t you find solitude alluring? Its serene charm awakening voices of truth,

Sounds that were before lost in the cacophony of mindless babbling of a world decked in self made garments of lies,

Adorned by jewels that reflect the masks we put on, the paths we carved for other’s minds,artifacts of our orderly lives,

The white noise dissipates, a foghorn that slowly drives away and silence of solitude permeates,

Yet, you pursue to posses another, You see, having glimpsed your weak spots I try to leash you,

Remind you of the debacle, the toxic potion in the chalice,

That tempts one into loosing any sense of self, stagnating self nourishment,

As I search for the point of equilibrium, It strikes me,

You need, you desire to walk in solitude with another who walks in his own,

To look into the eye and share, yet not own or be owned,

To find solace in your own self yet stroll into the Gardens of your haven holding the hand of another,

Your penchant for purpose and reason commendable,

Yet at times one might find in purposeless journeys ones purpose,

Or if not, you might see sights that enlighten your mind with both anew questions and unwound answers,

My dear sweetheart, my dear soul, I leech onto you,

To shield you lest the treacherous demons of our world wrap you in their claws,

Yet I know, it is you who are my savior, my retreat, my trustworthy ally, my cauldron of strengthening elixir.

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A Connection

A connection, what meaning does that hold in our time?

An eye looks into another, touches the spirit, the lens to the soul,

For a fleeting moment maybe, yet a thought is exchanged unknown to the flesh world,

An animal recognizes another, A spirit nods at its comrade, Aren’t we all comrades?

An invisible ray reaches to bind the two, however light the string might be,

It ain’t plausible to cut it in two, is it? It could be be ephemeral as time itself is,

As a moment slides to the next at a hands tick-tock,

Yet the morsels, the ones that swirl around the ray engulfing in them the moments essence in bits,

Carry with them the pollen, imprinting themselves on time, in our immortal minds, memories,

As spirits fuse, flow, blend into one another, Yet sparkle solely with their own light, luminescent, 

Each so distinguishable yet in one plasma, in one universe they float as one.

So how can a connection ever be just superficial, inexistent?


A connection could be darkened by human beastliness, shallowness,

But a connection could be the haven in moments of human weakness, strife,

Adorned with spatters and specks of bliss, the turbulent bond intoxicates the air,

As ecstasy diffuses sprinkling all those around with its scent,

When eyes delve deeper, dwell for longer moments in each others gaze,

They find their primal nature, inhibitions shed, illusions asleep,as one spirit breathes in the other

They might remain lone souls, as we all are, but they find company in their lone journeys,

Time rots the flesh, but in its capsule encloses the treasures of time,the beauty of its engravings

So, how can a connection be just superficial, inexistent?

All that one needs to posses is the prism within, the eye, the desire to open the eye,

Look through the prism, see a world adorned with luminescent morsels and multicolored rays. 



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Varying Emotions

DSC_0111 (1)

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A Droplet

There are zillions of sparkling dots in the mighty sky,

Blinking at me, Reminding me of hopes and dreams floating in the immortal minds of mortal beings

But you,You are meant to clutch the star of your dream,

Blow at it and let the world view the enormity of the universe,

compelling them look in, see their reflections against that star,

Awaken their inner voices, the voice that makes the choice,

Choice that redeems the value of free will, a life which existence bestowed upon us,

Your feet have left the pavement on which I stood taking in your view,

You passed by a couple of times, strings that strummed each time I saw you,

Your eyes, your smile, Your laughter, Your light touch,

Each time you let me peek into that brilliant mind,

Beautiful soul, Basked in your savage yet soft sultry aura,

I try to learn the language of your book still, alas I have been too slow,

You are taking off, Not an ounce of inkling you have of my heart’s humming on you,

But its better that way, you are meant to traverse an all encompassing world, a simpleton I am with a zillion dreams,

And this simpleton will not drive you away, will not let her ruptured poise fall in your line of sight,

Yet I wish to give you moments to remember me by,

Before you fly, my heart craves for a final touch, my soul for a final view,

I wish to fill your lips with mine, let you inside lightly, to savour those lips and remember my scent,

I know you belong to yourself, I refuse to claim a being as brazenly free as you,

But I, this droplet amidst the drizzle you walk through desires to capture your reflection,

And trickle to a forsaken space in your soul and be absorbed at the spot.

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