Do you know who you are?

Do you know you are? Do you know what exactly are you doing right now and why? What do you see around yourself? Do you a natural way of life or do you see natural elements dipped in and clasped in elixir made of man made minerals and sheaths of the same cast wounded stiffly around it. Do these minerals have any base in nature? If they do, has the base dissolved and now all that is only the nonstop assault of a sand storm that blinds you? Look in, take of that fur coat off, it’s a coat that looks pleasant from the outside to the cataract eyes but bites your skin eating at your naked flesh. Now that you are naked, take those shades off, what do you see? Don’t you see just a creature on two legs?? Don’t you see yourself standing alone? Don’t you see each soul covered in flesh standing alone as naked as you, its flesh what is so shameful about it?

What is that you were clutching on too? Give it few good moments, let its sheath come off, tear through it layers, does it exist anymore? Is there a solid bark you touch, is there a hole left there, isn’t there just a vacuum?  The same stillness permeating through you and around you, do you feel it? What was it you were holding on to? Which piece of pie was it, variety of social norms; can you see thy society now? What do you see, blobs of light, emanating from those souls sans flesh, possibly still or probably treading in circles. What is that you holding in your hand again? Look at it, Oh it’s just a natural element given a shape by your lot, but the iron clad aura around it, shatter it, shatter it with your minds ax, does it have the horsepower to do that or are the shape’s layers in your hand too coarse to penetrate? Now come on, you made it, it has to be brittle when you want it to be, gone now, has it?? What is left was what existed around you with you since the elusive trickster, time came into existence. Now do you smell reality? What was that before? Wasn’t it an illusion? Now do you know who are? What were you doing and why are you doing?

Are you still writhing in pain? Does that cloud of pain and its life cell still exist? Don’t you see you made it, then you wore it, you drank all it had to offer, no questions asked, then you forgot to live without it, you forgot yourself, don’t you see what you make, takes over and ruins your soul in turn? It’s happened and is happening all around you, every moment the delusional palace that you have built entices your lot, its delusional offerings pull all towards its different orifices and walls, now we are herd of addicts. We live in continuum ache and we melt in euphoria and you let the illusion drape itself around you and guide you since you are now blind.

We all stand alone on one ground, and we want to create more gradation, more divide, more paths carved to tread on, dividing the ground by its lines. We see each other yet we don’t see the real us. We are clogged within those boundaries, we are trapped by our own norms, and the illusion is driving us out of our own selves. We make, we let it posses, we drink its nectar, it becomes poison and then we are in ruins and we live among those ruins, gathering ourselves again and again and again. Do you know who you are yet?

P.S- Its an unedited unconscious flow of thoughts

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4 thoughts on “Do you know who you are?

  1. Very interesting stream of conscience writing. In our society, at least in the US, we often see ourselves as what we do for a living – “I know who I am, I’m a computer programmer.” Other parts of our society tries to pin who we are down to what (or how much) we have. Our belongings/possessions should never define us and we should define our vocation instead of the other way around. But your question: naked, alone in the universe, a thinking, feeling animal, a bare soul – who are we then? I’ll let you know the answer, if I ever figure it out….


    • It is a mystery beyond science…:) This post actually stemmed from anger at not only the power of money materialistic desires, but also at so many traditions, divisions and mindsets that have become the way of life but cause immense pain and harm.


  2. equinoxio21

    Been around myself long enough to know what to expect. 🙂 Though I still surprise myself.
    Now, you my friend, are too young to be angry all the time (though I do agree totally: the world sucks!). look up. At the sky. A the trembling leaves of a tree in the wind. At the play of light on the water. Won’t change the world, but you will feel better for a brief moment. 🙂
    I wish you a very shiny week-end!


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