To Dad

To that man who gave me a breath of life and chance at greatness, a name to uphold myself to,

Gifted me a torch of hope so that I could crawl, walk, stumble, and run,

To the man who showed me the mirror, spoke words that stung but woke me from my reverie,

The man who lit a fire in my heart, every time I doused it with my petty pity towards my very docile pathetic self,

A man who built an empire for family, friends such that they could rise and rule their own kingdoms,

A man who hath not a fear, nor sacrilegious wish or profane thought for another being,

A man who never doth a wrong that crumbled another’s dream, wrecked another’s castle,

A man who taught me that world is beautiful, ugly, its what you see, and what you make that makes the world what it is,

A man who taught me to be a teacher, to see a teacher in every morsel of life,

To see light in every dark corner of life,

To see and admire the candle which burnt in each one’s heart and not the shadow the candle cast,

To learn from each moment spend with myself or with another,

To understand justice, liberty, rights and freedom ,

Each is a human first, respect that human essence, each one of us is an equal,

No matter what we do and how we think, we have our own stories,

Live those stories as you listen to them so that you understand the man as a human first,

And pain, soothe it with words of kindness and strength not sympathy for the being,

And my own pain, Compelling me invisibly to curb it and use it to find my strength and crippling my weakness,

When my senses and power seemed to be slip from my grip, a blanket of helplessness settling over,

Your face that shines with courage, love, hope and will, your words that reflect your belief propelled me from my well against the gravity of circumstances,

I sinew myself, find that ferocious angel in myself, an angel eager to rise up and cast a spell of her own,

Its all in your mind he said, Do so well that no one can ignore you,

Your dreams and ambitions make you, never loose them, hold them to heart like you would hold your child,

Never forget who you are, that is a free strong soul, a human capable of infinite,

The man who fuelled my ambitions and dreams with words of challenge,

With words that are engraved in my mind and I shall remember forever till my time comes to an end,

Testing my mettle and willing me to rise and prove to myself and those who thought me incapable,

A man who lives a life so true, so magnanimous, yet for others,

Can I ever be anything like that man, No, even if I lived as long as he will, I couldn’t

I could only learn, be bedazzled, inspired and be fortunate to be challenged,

To my dad, there is much more to say, words seem to defy my command as I ask them to express my love, my gratitude, my sense of deep and immense honour to be born into your arms on your doorstep.

I love you dad.

P.S-A few words left unsaid

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6 thoughts on “To Dad

  1. I really appreciate this work. 🙂


  2. I have no words to describe how great this is…..Made me teary reading this…Heart touching Pranita.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. equinoxio21

    In a nutshell: “a good man”.
    Which is what everyone should try to achieve! 🙂


  4. Sometimes we just forgets the very first reason of our existence-parents.Right teacher?

    Liked by 1 person

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