Some Words

Some words soothe your seething wounds,

Some words rupture the clinched flesh of a healing scar,

Some words hold your heart in a rapture of serenity,

Almost as though the stillness might pervade forever,

Some words make the heart shrink,

 Knees touch the forehead as arms cross over,

The head bends hoping to find a cave to hide in the soul

 Clinging to the sound of bitter sorrow,

Some words written in parchment by the smiles of strangers,

You can read them almost like you can taste the drink you might share with them,

Some words erupt from the eyes, as though frosted breath misting the air,

They emerge from the shadowy corners,

Waiting and wishing for some one to lend them a melody,

Pen them a song that synch with the jingles and chimes,

Whines and sultry whispers of a soul shy yet wishful of being heard,

Some words echo in the silence of many a men,

Awaiting to be rendered a voice of hope,

Some words float in the lonely gaze of the child,

He bends over the fence by the river, by the fields,

Staring with eyes wide gloomed with confusion, questioning the ways of the world,

They drift through the winds and tell you a story that sinks into the soul,

Some words, are heard floating,

Twirling on the leaves that brushed past them,

The quivering smile of a maiden,

The fluttering shifty eyes of a wishful lover,

Some words cast a sheath of warm love,

Like a dove bringing a letter from a long lost friend, a mate

Some words the shepherd murmurs as he lies stretched on the grass, watching his sheep graze,

 Yet speaking of his secrets to the trees and mountains where is home and heart reside,

Some words from the wise eyes of the wrinkled old lady,

She sits on the bench under the trees at sunrise,

On many a day till the dusk sets, seeing the world drift past her each moment,

 Moaning and smiling, reminiscing as she opens doors to her many memories,

Some words shared with the mighty sky,

The clouds, as the girl stands in the rain,

 Drops splashing down her sweet face,

Blending with her tears, carrying her melancholy to the seas,

Some Words one can hear like the kiss of the wind that blows past on a winter morning,

Words of your own soul

The world has much to say, the sound of nature has a song for the ears that find way to the heart,

A song of all the love that rises, wanting to be captured and bred in a man’s soul,

And vanishes with the dried leaves buried under the earth,

And yet is born again from the tress that give us shade,

These, some words are sketched, given life in the lullabies,

 Living and dancing off the lines spoken by the poet in the man’s soul.

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11 thoughts on “Some Words

  1. And some words are posted on the Internet giving us insight into the brilliant mind of the poet who wrote them. Another lovely poem, Pranita.


  2. iku2e

    Well written.


  3. Reblogged this on Thoughts and commented:

    I have been offline for a while.. though writing. Hence I thought I would just share a poem from one of my quite recent posts.. A sunnier one than usual:)

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  4. As always, beautiful words truly to the heart that I can hear you speak while we enjoy the serenity of the park 🙂


  5. Do you compose this like a pro, who works on the poems for hours and days and weeks? Or you are someone like me, whose writing talent comes to the fore during emotional turbulence? I am just curious, because your works have always looked quite intriguing. Loved reading it 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nope, I write quite randomly, many times cause of emotional turbulence, or listened to song, talked to somebody or read a line somewhere that instigated my thoughts. I don’t take much time to write maybe a few hours. But there have been times when I wrote something and but it couldn’t take form, It seemed incomplete, and finally some day I write something on the same lines, a continuity of an old thought or emotion and that seems to complete.
      But really I certainly don’t write like a pro..:) I am glad you asked and that you find my work interesting:)


      • The reason for my writing is also the same. I cannot pursue it as a duty, I do it whenever I feel like doing. None of my poetry took me more than half an hour. I never tried to create a poetry or prose just for the sake of writing it. I am good, when it comes naturally. I have plans to write a out-of-the-box novel but I am too lazy to begin. Nice to know a fellow writer from the same league. Have a great year ahead 🙂


  6. Some words are not to be spoken teacher they have to be expressed 🙂


  7. when you get time-


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