Love attains Love

Does love change?

Does it change, as one gets to know another?

Does it die, metamorphosize into a darker twisted need?

Or does it just hide behind, become comfortable in the shadows of doubt, impaired by limitations,

Flagged by certain follies engraved in the mind as so, justifications to rationalise love,

 Defining a notion curbs it, iron bars rise around the sensation, caging it, a morbid situation,

Love can’t attain love,

 The ride through pathless woods, the hunger for a invigorating adventure to nowhere,

Fervour dims as definitions, laws and rules carve paths clogging love at the gates of its own haven,

But is love pure, what is pure?

Is love innocent, what is innocent in the mind of a primal animal?

In a hunt for a void that fills another void, does love dip below the horizon?

Is it all only an illusion? The pain, the prickle, the thorns that prick the rosy flushed flesh from within,

Screaming for attention, for a touch caressing the starved being,

As the dark twin within each surfaces, does love leave the light,

Or does it keep burning, fostering on the lips, in the eyes, in the warmth of flesh?


As riders wander away from each other, does the love stagnate, burn out,  the pyre go cold?

Or does it burn lightly, smoke rising and the light of love filling a den,

It flickers, the shadows on the walls change, it changes but never does it wither away into mere nothing,

Does love borrow a mask that makes it unrecognisable , lost in the riff raff of many a masked users of this soul,  

Masks lend to us, then self imposed by us, the caricatures we sketch of our hypocritical ideologies,

I peek through my mask,

Did I love you then? Do I love you now?

Will you take off your mask, understanding and seeing my weakness that pushes me to forge mine,

Unlearn the meanings of purity, innocence and love too,

Letting love attain love,

And just let me caress you with my sensations for a few moments, unmarked by clicks of a clock, stretched in time?




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8 thoughts on “Love attains Love

  1. Very nice. I like it.

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  2. So profound and ever resonating in my heart Pranita..beautiful!

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  3. A great piece of work. Whenever I face such questions, I go back to the Greek mythology which is the most simplified explanation of human emotions. Out of the four types mentioned there, Agape love is above all others viz. Phileo, Starge and Eros. The current world, especially my generation is stuck with Eros. Eros is not bad but, only if it stems from Agape.
    P.S.: Do not mind the philosophy, your intense poetry ignited for it. Keep composing such artistic works 🙂


    • Thank you so much..:) I am glad you read the poem and commented, I actually did come across 4 types of love on your blog, and then I went ahead read about it on wiki.. Quite interesting:)

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      • I came across this concept a few months back. When I read something like this, I keep looking for opportunities to apply it. Your poetry gave me a perfect opportunity 😀
        Good to know that you found that interesting.


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