Hollow Man against The Wild Woman

Oh my manly dear hollow man,

My virginity; was it my making or your discovery and hence engraved on you is the will to posses?

Who defined purity, innocence, your god?

When did you learn to hammer into pieces and slice through virgin layers?

You were born as nude as I,

You were born as lowly as I,

We evolved and got through Darwin’s test together,

Was I asked to enslave myself to your ways by your kind?

Did you threaten to pierce though my flesh and make me dance to your tunes then too?

How did the will to trap the woman rise?

Your passions were matched by hers, her intellect by yours or maybe she surpassed you in all arenas?

Is that it, tangled within her powerful yet primal soul; gnawed the demon at your peripheral sanity and sparked the need to subdued, to display your power?

You defined her first, and you trapped her in a form,

Then you cusped her being, the wild fire that kindled, in a jar brimming with your desires,

Incapable of the realization, or maybe fearful of the same,

The realization that defining a wild woman, the breath of nature, was to curb what she could be,

If trapping her in your narcissistic distasteful ways weren’t enough, you try since centuries to shatter her,

To make her succumb to her own forcefully woven mindlessness, to make her hate herself,

Then you take away what you have thrusted at her, her fake sense of dignity, dignity through eyes of your barbarous gruesome world,

Masticating her physical being, slicing and scarring her soul,

Yet this world breathes, as she breathes, as nature breathes, as a wild fire is bestowed with nature’s zeal,

As harsh winds blow, it lights by itself, setting the civilization on fire,

Man shall bear the brunt of his atrocities and his shrieks shall resound and fill the forest,

Can his pleas and screams mask the hoarse voice of her agonized soul, can they melt her scars?

Ages to come shall tell that story, but a woman shan’t ever serveth the hollow man’s will, surrender to his beastly command or the whip of his brutish acts.

P.S-Writing after long!

This is a poem born out of anger against all the atrocities against women, the subjugation, the do’s and don’t’s , the definitions of a woman, all that I have seen and felt in my life and in the lives of those around me and those I have heard of. The repulsive devils and even the milder sadistic fools are just everywhere. I seek to understand evil but it just leaves me aghast, I don’t understand its epicentre, its reason for existence.

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5 thoughts on “Hollow Man against The Wild Woman

  1. Very powerful words, Pranita.I don’t understand evil either.


    • Thank you Trent..:)Yes… i guess if we understood it, it would not be evil.. it would be human.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I forgot to add in my original comment – you are right that it seems so much of the evil is man against woman. And, as you implied, it isn’t just the physical harm, but the mental harm and even institutionalized roles men have created for women, forming prisons. I don’t understand that either, and find it just as evil as the physical harm. As I said above, powerful words.

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  2. Made me read three times. Powerful indeed .


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