Short Angry Rant( human rights)

At the risk of sounding radical..well h*** yeah, I will be radical.To anybody who hints at human rights for terrorists, please surrender yourself to them, the terrorists,since you are so overflowing with humanity, you could save a few lives, as those “I don’t know have words for them” will have other lives at their disposal.

And yeah do define human for us, your unintelligent counterparts, before you bring out your memorandum of rights. I apologise, I belong to country of Gandhi but I am hopelessly incapable of digesting and inculcating his ideologies.I am just suddenly reminded of Jalianwala Bagh incident. The difference between then and now is the cause for the brutality.

India has borne the brunt of terror since years and I have been hearing and reading about for as long as I can remember.  I am not sure if there is any cure for evil, evil that exists for the sake of being evil, except to say, crush it. How? I don’t know. And what does that make us? Is our cause for brutality justified? yes it is, without second thoughts, yes, it is.

A poem I had written quite a while ago, I find it quite relevant to what I feel again today.

Mutation Beyond Recognition

The heart screams out,

It screams and dies a death every time,

Every time a daughter is raped by her dad,

A son is beaten and his dignity stolen and shred to pieces,

Sometimes seeing in print, sometimes seeing the devastation after in being,

From one animal to another, have we gone beyond being an animal?

Sunk lower than the lowest ones,

Have our thoughts become mutated?

Mutated beyond recognition and resurrection?

Section so and so, section so and so, out comes the law book,

A book scripted to bench the crime, not do away with it,

A law book scripted to give benefits of doubt,

Find evidence, find evidence, I must be followed, It says,

For I am the sole way out you see, I am irreplaceable,

You have endowed me with powers and now I overpower you,

Laws of nature, Is its original copy unedited, missing a section?

Or has it been muddled up and left with gaping loop holes,

A sight being replayed since the time of our epics,

When the court of books and all the noble souls stood watching,

Noble dastardly souls, with immense courage to stand by their laws,

But not an ounce of it to stand for humanity, overpowered they were you see,

As the laws rip apart a world it had tried to make human,

Today we meekly stand and see the grave yard expanding,

Graveyard of pained souls, Graveyard of revengeful spirits,

All awaiting their turn to return, sharpening their canines to tear and masticate the demons,

But alas, No urban law, no International court of justice to push back and curb this expansion and invasion!

Have we no way to heal the wounds? No way to pulverize the mansion of evil?

No way to grind it to minuscule particles?

I envision a momentous win when these particles would have no nucleus,

No polarity to reform,

No limbs to capture what belonged to our humankind.

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3 thoughts on “Short Angry Rant( human rights)

  1. It’s getting out of control, the uber incident is but one of the many examples 😦


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