Infinite Nothingness

Nothing times infinity, infinite nothingness,

Nothingness is also an existence,

Complex Pattern of dots invading the space, all nothingness is the real goddamn universe,

Is there a pattern, a system of existence or is it all sham? A dupe, a game played by the mind?

The mind too is a pattern, a system, but is it really a system by itself?

Or is it just a processor, the real mind is all around us, and we are a part of it,

You stare hard at a white page, there are dots you can’t see, and there ain’t any patterns,

Look closer through those lenses and your mind manufactures the patterns,

Addicted to finding structure when there is just chaos,

Chaos of so many minds processing in each tick tock a capsule of momentary existence,

The continuity of capsules forming a complex pattern, as these patterns repeat,

Facts and fixtures are searched for and formed,

Memories formed from a trail left behind by the capsules,

Left behind is a fragrance, sometimes a stench, sometimes just a bland taste,

Sewing facts with memories a sinister game sparking off emotions,

Threads of memories intertwining, a proof of existence,

But which memory is true to its form? And which one is your pattern of facts?

Spinning of time adds its own flavors to the memory,

Existence takes the form of complex numerical, which part is real, and which is imaginary?

Or is existence by itself abstract? And I try to fit it into the patterns of real and imaginary,

Abstract existence is nothingness, infinite nothingness.

P.S- The picture sort of gives the feeling of infinite nothingness.

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4 thoughts on “Infinite Nothingness

  1. Just as the mind sees patterns when there is naught but chaos, the mind sometimes sees nothing when surrounded by something. What we perceive is often a reflection of how we feel. We can see the gentle smile of a stranger and think it’s love yet feel isolated in solitude while the hands of loved ones are reaching out to us.

    (yes, I’m a “as long as there is something in the glass I’m happy, half full or not” type of person 🙂 )


    • Hi Trent.. I like the way you think here.. bright and rosy outlook towards life.. 🙂
      And yes, you are right, our life is our perception..:)


      • I just wrote someplace else, paraphrasing something I recently heard: Perhaps we need to go beyond looking for meaning, as if it’s rare flower hidden in the forest, and instead create it.

        I have a lot of dark thoughts and have a lot of down times. My outlook isn’t always cheery. But if we see the world as a reflection, the more we raise our thoughts, the better the world will seem which again raises our thoughts.

        I don’t want to try to promote my blog on yours (so others reading, don’t follow this link!) but recently an old post I did on the subject came up and has been getting a lot of “airtime”:


      • True, the only way to survive, survive well is to direct and change our thoughts, as you raise them.. and for anybody reading this comment well you should follow the link, discover Trent’s very creative world.. 🙂

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