The Imitation Game, Imitating an Illusion.

So Alan Turing builds a machine to beat another machine, Christoph to nail that one setting amongst the millions manufactured by enigma before it could initiate the day’s destruction spree. We, we are at war with  time, he say’s that too. But the enigma in our lives ain’t a machine constricted by human definitions of possibilities, it ain’t a human make. Existence created time and the creation of existence is non-defined as its creator would have to be created too. Creation is again one of those very comfortable terms we humans prefer to define in hopes of finding a cause for our existence. As without a cause, the idea of a purposeless life except the purpose of just existing would diminish life to nothing. It would drive us to be insane in a way we now understand or know nothing of. But not that we are any more sane now, as we make a move on time, we restrict our moves, dividing them into sane and insane to make sense of our insanity.  But maybe we could understand, we have those dark moments all of us do, but just breathing, living to only exist in that perpetual darkness, how would we live like that?Ask the raven, should we? It would only say, nevermore…

Now, time, if it were a machine, infinite possibilities, how would we imitate it? How do you imitate an illusion? By being an illusion yourself, by responding with our own illusions, our own perspectives. Is that the answer? But that seems like such a definite, finite answer.

Time assures us a demonstration for every moment that passes, (See, we had to divide time into moments, because we need the cause for the next moment) and we are only living the passing moment, always catching up. Can we ever win the war?

We have clasped our moments into a life,thus we fight a war that runs for a finite fraction, the parabola that began in our minds at the moment of our creation. The curve of our parabola restricting our vision sideways, the pole the point of creation, and everything before the pole beyond the mind’s vision, not imagination of course. Then again, imagination is constrained. As we navigate through the parabola, there is the infinite existence in front of us. But just as we look up and we see the sky, the sky despite bring infinite, is finite to us, on the same lines from the beginning of the parabola we see the end but there is no end. We ache for an end, for a purpose, for an understanding of what is past. As I write this rambling version of my thoughts, suddenly strikes another possibility, maybe we are moving from infinity to the pole we know exists, we are narrowing down. But still the fact remains the parabola is just a sketch, a boundary, an embellishment  on that infinite dimension of time.

Quoting  Alan’s character in the movie says, “Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes… hollow”

The violence of time rather our violence against time, against what you call your god’s creation, can be defeated, made hollow only if we stopped feeling, but who are we satisfying by feeling anything? only ourselves. Would we stop being destructive if we stop feeling? I am not sure..maybe. The wars we fight, to feel the sense of power, the high of a triumph , the sinking sensation after a defeat , all driven by our penchant of dividing our world into sane and insane, right and wrong. Feeling it all, the burning of the raw lashes of love, our disgust and hatred for those we call lowly and thus the feel of being better than them, all of those sensations makes us feel alive. And we need to feel alive, to feel the thrill of living, moving towards a purpose, moving towards an end, towards death and yet not reaching it. Hence,sans the thrill, the solace, on the face of a dead man.

And being human is a boundary condition we accept and we do what needs to be done, and what that is which needs to be done, we have the privilege of defining for ourselves. And as I try to be what I believe, as I try to rise above my soft comfort zone where I feel comfortably numb, I realize I am at war with myself, and hence to live I build a version of myself willing it to defeat the me of the yester moment.

P.S- Thoughts inspired from The Imitation game and a really smart, brilliant and inspiring friend of mine.

And I must mention the movie was thought provoking on so many levels, it constructed many of those
thoughts which so often invade my mind and yours too,and that too in an exceedingly beautiful intricate manner. Blown away by Alan Turing and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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8 thoughts on “The Imitation Game, Imitating an Illusion.

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  2. If we become numb and have no feeling we will not feel the passage time, true, but that means it flows more swiftly because there are markers. If we let our feelings become intense we slow it down. We cannot truly win, but at least in the feeling we can experience our lives until the end instead of having it flow past a finishing before we knew it had begun.

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    • Feeling is living..i do agree.. But sometimes the cup is so full,overflowing, you just want to put a lid on

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      • I understand. I just don’t want you stop living emotionally when you are so young 🙂

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      • I don’t think I could do that, hopefully not..:) I need to write, I want to and if I stopped feeling, I couldn’t write, could I? :D, selfishness:) Thankx Trent,great to have you as friend.. 🙂

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      • Yes, you need them for writing and, as I said elsewhere, you express those feelings so well, and it is not selfishness;) I’m sure it helps you to write them out, put words to them. But it isn’t just writing, it is YOU, you need them for your own sake 🙂 Thank you-it’s great having you as a friend:)

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      • True.. I do need it for myself..:)Thank you:)

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  3. It was sad he had to die at the end right?


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