Demonic Night’s Angelic Pain

Nights I see, dark and silent
The nights I feel in me, are long,dreary, lonely with you only in my memories,
Engulfing the mind in a spiral of sensations,
As the eyes droop in on the darkness, stories of the day and illusions of the night wreck havoc,
Illusions prejudiced by foolish heart, 
Aaah, it rejects reality, lost in it’s tomfoolery,
Refuses to remember that you’ve forgotten our moments, that my ache is only mine,
Pain chokes the voice,
Lips quiver, utter your name, escaping with the harsh breaths
Staring into the blackness hoping it will invade my eyes and my dreams,humming a lullaby,
Numbing the dull sound of tearless silence,
No,l ain’t spared, cursed to feel the melancholy of tortuously empty nights,
Your brown eyes,the dark heaven, a sweet path to mysterious hell,
Their beauty beckoning my nights, immersing them in a lone rendezvous,
The longing to feel your smile on my fingertips,
And your breath on my flesh, like fire and ice,
I wonder if your eyes lie, I wonder of the words encrypted in the shadows,
Or is my heart the culprit,
Does it even speak their tongue,
Or is it a poet, an actor weaving delusional stories,
Spinning lines unspoken by you, casting its desires, its own narrations,
Evading  or muddling the day’s truth and the night’ wistfulness,
Ohhh, when will I see you, see you again,
This wretched heart might then feel a touch of solace,
The ache, the pain in here, unfaded it remains,
Your smile imprinted on my soul harrows at the spot,
Day and night, wishfulness and hopelessness,
Reflection or opaqueness of your eyes,
The questions,the sensations burn together,
And the smoke it remain trapped in the cave of delirium,
Its day now but night and day are one,
Only night’s demonic pain is angelic as I remain lost in it, I remain lost in you.

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12 thoughts on “Demonic Night’s Angelic Pain

  1. Intense poem with a thoughtful title.

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  2. Indeed, curse the emotions that leave you thirsty needing for more, Pranita this is charged with so much emotions and passion, wow!


  3. You do have such a way of putting words to the things we feel but have words to describe.

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  4. [ Smiles ] Beautiful!

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  5. Teacher please don’t be angry with me if what i am commenting about your poem is wrong ok?i believe this is the pain of loneliness of a lost lover of someone.Even in day time her heart and emotions are filled with darkness.Even though the nights darkness is feary and pain is more she is happy she can forget everything else and just remain in the thoughts of her lover correct?
    Abhi patha chala ki mere poems about love when compared to yours is only in 2nd standard and you have passed degree 🙂


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