Let Them Be Free

Let them be free,

Free in the real sense,

Not taught, yet learning as though nothing is known,

Institutions are built, words of others are scripted in books,

Pavements are laid, roads are tarred, the hedges are trimmed,

everything is clear, everything is pinned on to the minds,

Signals are conveyed, and everything is as it is,

But is anything as it is?

Is there nothing else to find?

Let them be free,

Let them find, let them know themselves by themselves,

The wild teaches you more than the plain grasslands,

The moors where all seems lost, where vast emptiness lies ahead,

one finds ones own soul, one becomes aware of life,

Aware of the sun that sets,

finding a new meaning in the shades of orange and pink,

Yet taught they need to be,

Of oneness in loneness,

Of each animal eyes and soul being the same,

Yet souls dilute in some colours and deepen in some,

Colours we can add, and some shades we have no control over,

Teach them to see things as they can, and not our eyes see them to be,

Teach them to be sans rags of civilized notions,

Notions that only enslave,

God, he was never there,

He was an act, if his act was to make us,

then our act is to make more,

God is an act, is only a moment,

It is to change, change takes form when eyes see differently,

when winds resonate in their own rhythm with the beats of the young hearts,

Teach not how to feel, and what to feel, but just to feel,

Teach them to be free,

To learn and unlearn, to free the mind of known and delve into the unknown,

Drench in the rain, and it might teach you more of the drops,

The world expands, Its an art, isn’t it?

Science is an art, Imagination of the unbridled mind,

Let them explore this art, explore humanity for themselves,

Bind them not, for the ropes make animals out of animals,

They chain limbs,

They make saddled minds,

They forge and serve brittle souls, becoming all that is trapped,
Transcending into all that we fear, all that they fear, or rather becoming fear itself,

Le them be the free souls destined to storm and rise above the winds.

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5 thoughts on “Let Them Be Free

  1. I see a teacher who wants her students to fly…


  2. iku2e

    Reblogged this on Day Before Tomorrow.


  3. May be just let their minds and actions be free.let them explore and learn everything out there for themselves,question things,no need to force to do or believe something.i know you do let you students freedom 🙂 keep up the good work you do in your class.
    i hope you believe god exists right?i only want him to exist be it in any form(allah,jesus,shiva) a power that gives us hope,light and life.There are many things that happened in my life in last 6 months including seeing a psychiatrist for depression.At first i was very angry with him for my condition later i realized it was choices i made in my life to blame,not him.God bless 🙂

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