Urge to exploit.. a question

A random question as I read Karl Marx’s “Das Capital”

According to the concept of survival of the fittest, does a man harm or exploit another, is it man against nature, or man against man’s nature… Karl Marx says that the urge to exploit is not necessarily inherent human nature. It is instigated by social class structure. Yet classes were already being built on the basis of survival through both intellectual capacity and sheer brute force. Wasn’t a superiority complex and urge to subdued and rise above others already taking its course. So the question, is it inherent or not?

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7 thoughts on “Urge to exploit.. a question

  1. oof, that’s a question alright, though in a society with different income classes they would always try to be superior than each other and no matter how cordial? one would exploit the next to get ahead would they not?

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  2. Class structure was created independently by every society so it seems to be species wide, not an artifact created by one small group and forced on others as Karl Marx seemed to imply. The more complex the society, the more complex the class structure. There’s a class structure in chimps and gorillas. I think there is an inherent trait that we want to use others to get ahead, yet it is counterbalanced by empathy and compassion, traits originally derived to ensure our community survive. It seems as society becomes more complex the society wide trait of exploitation becomes less important than the sense of community and compassion. Sound right? Something like that?


    • I agree, the thought that only one group imposes and yields power over another seems very limiting. Its that different groups have power of different kinds which they do use to suit their needs, but yeah at the same time I do wish could find a system that worked with his ideologies, but at the same time we could evolve like we are now, wealth wouldn’t be concentrated in a few hands and basic needs would be a given guarantee,
      and yes your reasoning does sound right..:)

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      • I’ll admit that though I’ve read quotes and paragraphs, I’ve never read Marx’ work so I can’t really comment on it. From what I know, it sounds good in theory but doesn’t quite work in practice. I think we need to flatten it out so the riches couple of percent don’t own over half of the worlds wealth while the bottom ten percent (or more) have next to nothing, or less than nothing. People do seem to want to strive for something and be rewarded. And people like to act like individuals. In some ways it would be great if every individual began life at the same place. If you became fabulously wealthy, great! But then your kids have to start at the exact same place you did. But even that really wouldn’t work. Oh well, I’ll never become a great political theorist 😉


      • I too have just started reading his theories..:) It really is very difficult to build a society where every equality exists in the absolute sense, just too much has happened to get us to this point of evolution and build this social structure..!

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