Evil-it’s cause and solution, does it exist?

This is me rambling and thinking to myself.. not a very bright post!

On the earth reside the worst sort of swine and filth, paedophiles, rapists, serial rapists and criminals, terrorists, all fear feasting demons. Among these are the ones whose intellectual capacity and emotional awareness makes them the most predatory of the lot of scum. Evil that just exists for the sake of evil.

What drives this evil? What do they have to gain by it? It seems to be very complex and there are bifurcations at every junction of cause, reason and effect leading to decide if evil is evil. Nothing is black and white.

Certainly nothing quantifiable, nothing that they need, not money, it cannot rise out of helplessness, sudden rage, jealousy or can it?  All these emotions can be understood till a certain extent, but these emotions start pervading through the mind and soul of the perpetrator, till there is no place for conscience, need of sorts taking over everything in the mind. But what if they repent after the deed? That would just make them human, we couldn’t forgive them but we could call the being- human. But again the intensity of the act comes into picture.

A murder of a wife by a jealous husband in a fit of rage is different from a terrorist act or a serial rapist. Yes of course, if the murder plotted in advance like I said a man with harmful intent and considerable intellectual capacity that allows him to manipulate others to suit his need, well we can’t forgive him, can we? We will call him evil, mentally disturbed, the mind is an enigma, a dangerous one at that. We are controlled by the mind, but what controls our mind? What controls the conclusions, the intent that is formed? Mind works on signals and there is a multitude of multifarious possible outcomes for the signal combinations. Thus the strongest outcome is decided by the weight of the signal that is the strength and the repetitions of the images or information, which in general means the environmental factors and also disorders?

Joker from BATMAN, what makes him the one of best evil there is if not the best. Isn’t it because he has no laws, he has no cause; his only law is to awaken evil and to test humanity, plotting chaos. The other villains they have a reason to be evil unlike the joker. And To think of it, laws are guidelines, they are laws only if you think them to be. And the ones to who laws and ways of our life have no standing, well they could do anything and in this case it is evil owing to the intent.

For example a terrorist, what can remove any evidence of conscience from his act or mind set? He would have murdered a numerous times previously, he would have been fed with words and images of hatred and manipulated into becoming the unfathomable innocence and humanity killer. This is common knowledge, but that does make him, evil right? Or are they just outcomes of a system that we have bred? Yes, it does nothing to justify the grotesque acts, but understanding the cause and history seems necessary.

The rapist, well his urge is fuelled by the need to feel power, power is food, makes him feel alive. No conscience, here again, but why is it food? I don’t have the answers. But can they be called human? Why I ask this question? Well it’s because I am trying to decide whether they deserve to live, whether capital punishment should be meted out? I have always felt like it should, humans need a definition of “human” if evolution is to head in the right direction. But I was re-thinking a few days back, is the option of trapping them in jails or asylums forever a better option?  I am not talking of whether killing is ethical or not in the pertinent cases.  But is it of any use, keeping them caged? Does it amount it anything? I have never heard of any change in such drastically evil beings. Should they be put in jails and made to work for some good. In jails well, they are with their own lot, how does that help now? And if we kill them, we ensure they don’t add to the scum, they don’t continue on their path, we set an example but for the living beings to who these laws mean nothing, does it matter? The law and the setting of an example, does it really stop anyone? It makes them careful but does not stop them. I don’t think so. So in that case do they fear death, their own death? So the question, capital punishment or rehabilitation? Again these are questions and thoughts from limited knowledge.

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5 thoughts on “Evil-it’s cause and solution, does it exist?

  1. I know you were “thinking out loud” here. There is no way I can answer any of your questions. I can’t see how killing others, no matter how justified it seems, helps. But, on the other hand, how do we let something we all call evil exist in the world when we have the power to remove it? In my definition not all who perform heinous acts are evil nor are all that are evil perform heinous acts. Of course you could always ask me for my definition of “evil”. That’s even trickier. Much trickier. OK, I can only fall back to my original statement that I have no answers.

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    • I was looking forward to your comment.. I know none of us can actually find any concrete answers…but yes when we can have the power to stop it.. We must do what’s for the best…the goal for is to survive well… But it eradication is impossible. They are amongst us and are born with us.

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      • If we have the power to stop it we should. But… anyway, a huge topic ; )


      • Through your words i understand at least a few of your many sides. There is the side with the longings, desires and passions which is tied to the pain and depression. But there is also the side that is the nurturer who is full of empathy. You need to protect your young charges as you teach them, you want to bring them up into the world to be good human beings, even if they have very broken pasts and lives. That side is the one that can turn into a tigress protecting her cubs when she sees evil threatening and/or harming the innocent. Mercy is a strange word to use for one who shows no mercy, doing what even the most savage of animal would never do. But yet, that nurturing side is full of compassion and you have to see all people as human, that the very worse might have been good once but somehow was broken along the way. How can you blindly condemn a fellow human to death? But yet, you must protect the innocent.

        It is struggle all good people are faced with. Is it merely enough to stop a known evil or must we destroy it? If we do destroy it, in that action does some of that evil rub off on us? Do two wrongs make a right? It has been proven that the death penalty does not deter criminals, so the only reasons are punishment, revenge, or destroying a human so broken he or she cannot be fixed.

        There is so much to this topic, but i thought i should tell you a few more thoughts about it.

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      • We all want to protect our young ones.. keep them safe..Its the best we can do.. if we can’t destroy..
        Yup it is about revenge which is a monstrous cause.. but sometimes only a monster with the right intention can defeat another monster.. It just becomes difficult to look at them as humans any more..And thank you for sharing more of your thoughts.. 🙂

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