Scintillating soul

There are stories to be shared,

Stories of love and war, loss and misused hearts,

There tears to be shed, and smiles to be felt,

In each soul there is much more to dwell on,

There is much more to delve in,

And there are words of a delicate fashion, lining those eyes,

Waiting to be forged by the hand of a stranger,

Waiting to be painted within those outlines,

The shades of scenes the heart immerses in,
One Scene merging into another, a song emerging from its wishful adolescences, humming wishes in mingled voices,

The innocent and impatient flutter of the wings of the little mynah,

Hoping and chirping from branch to branch,

Only wanting to settle on a branch of its likeness,

Or waiting to find a mate to ring in tune with,

Like the Restless fidgeting entangled fingers of a lass,

And the downcast eyes,that sway and swing from side to side, and up into the sky,

Sometimes lost in depths of a well of thoughts drilled in the airs of her days and nights,

Waiting for answers, waiting for a ride to her own soul,

Waiting for her silent song to be heard by a queer heart with a keen ear,

waiting, searching, waiting..

The moon dawns, lighting up the sun’s soul,

A soul that lives in the earth’s wind, in the drops of the ocean,

A soul that darkens when dusk sets, but glows in the moonlight, the slow and silent flame of a candle,

A young lad lays awake conversing with the stars, his toy friend cradled in his arms,

Fumbling through his questions, his fears, his discoveries in wide eyed wonder,

Is the world so enormous and I only a speck? What is it that I see up there?

Who listens to his innocence? A mother on earth or a friend in the skies,

There are stories to be shared, 

To be read in the smiles and tears of strangers-our friends,

As in each soul, there is much to dwell in, 

There is much to delve in

A soul can drown a soul in itself, 

A soul can carry a soul to the sky, The winds of life teaching her to fly,

If we listen to sound of life, to the whistling of souls,

To the misty words in eyes of friends, and foes we fathom, but yet both are alike

We would find the infinite wonder, the universe in the scintillating soul of the human eye,

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3 thoughts on “Scintillating soul

  1. Your poetry is a little less dark than it has been for a while, less looking into your own soul and more looking to share life’s experience with other souls. I like it, we can find so many stories in the smiles, tears, eyes and words of strangers and friends. Without seeing others we don’t see the world.

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    • I guess oscillating phases of life…thank you:) we tend submerge ourselves in our own stories…but like you said..sharing opens up the soul…:)

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      • I understand. When we are in the middle of life’s ups and downs, both of which which you share beautifully with poetry, we tend to focus on ourselves. I’m glad you’re in a more positive place 🙂

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