Vile Demon..I Salvage Thee

The lines the poem came out of nowhere almost after I read a story.. lines and thoughts are unrelated to the story..but darkish story.. darker poem.. does that happen to you?

Vile Demon..I Salvage Thee

Hast thou ever feared thyself?

That gnawing grey wolf that claws at thy heart,

Hast thou felt him breathe with thy breath?

Hast thou felt power in veins and the stabbing of awoken evil?

And felt the contempt for the sheep.. the flock?

The dark dread that teaches thy darkest abilities..

That entices thee to come and sip its delicacies ripped from other’s hearts..

The empty den in thy soul where thou sleeps in peace day and night..

Days when thou vanquishes other’s will.. Their wishes

And haunt their nights with your sultry nonchalant smile..

Aaah… dear soul..  Why thou hast fetched my dark demons?

Thou make what schemes..  Thou hast no vengeance..

And yet set thy feet in my light.. Laugh and live with such pride..

But to lead power to its fateful destiny.. To grind and dissolve into zilch the slimy filth..

To save the benign and castrate the abdominal vanity of power..

Power that feeds on and feeds also the human mind..

I salvage thee.. Vile demon, I salvage thee.

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7 thoughts on “Vile Demon..I Salvage Thee

  1. Ah yes, we all have the dark side within us. As you know I don’t post a lot of dark things, but it has happened that I’ll read something dark and write something even darker. I guess reading it allows us to enter a part of our mind we’d rather stay away from, and once there we let some of it out.

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    • Yup.. We do..don’t we? :)sometimes the darkness helps..the darkness can defeat false light.. Being aware of it helps..:)

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      • And as they say, without the dark how would you appreciate the light? As for being self aware of the darkness, I was thinking of a poem I wrote, the black spiral. I just took a quick peek and sure enough you left a long comment about understanding it.


      • After reading your latest poem I just have to think that the “false light” you speak of here has something to do with “what you want”…

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      • 😀 I did not notice the connection… but maybe it does..:) In a broad sense, wants at times do push us towards “false light”..

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      • Perhaps “false light” is the wrong word(s). You’ve had a few poems about heart break and I guess the want that eventually led to the heart break wasn’t a want of a false light, just not the right light at that time. Hmm, it doesn’t sound right when I write it out, but I think I knew what I was saying when I wrote that first comment ; )

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      • I think when we look back, we do see what the false light was..what was right..but when we are standing in it.. despite having an inkling to what might be happening, we tend to ignore it.. deluding ourselves with our wants..And I think that’s what you mean too..

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