Tongue foreknown yet unknown

Tongue Foreknown Yet Unknown

Heart pines for the soul that rises to speak in a tongue foreknown yet unknown, un-bred, untamed..

A soul found in itself, or in the gatherings of mortals..

But mortals speak in language divided,

Immortal fore-born incantations scattered beneath the burden of learnt dialects..

A magic waits to be reawakened from the holy waters of a newborn’s innocence,

It dwells not on mere designs, written and learnt expressions, tickles of defined sensations,

But to the poetry in man’s wonder, wide-eyed blended in whole and earthed in absolute to his virgin nature..

Pure as a child even as he rose on his limbs reaching for raw or ripened fruits he knew not of..

None knew the other; none knew the cause for existence, None pined for a mere sense of purpose..

None knew of the lands stretched afar, none knew of the seas that gulped the air below the land,

How did they sing aloud their soul’s agony? How did they free one lisp of emotion from other?

Just a touch, a tone that rose from the soul, Music to the forlorn ears..

Residing for the first time in the universe as though universe didn’t exist..

Feeling their existence in the breath of others,

And the language of eyes, of touch, of music in the sound of their chords,

The soul muttered incantations unlearnt yet felt and understood,

A closeness we moon for in depths of our hearts, but know not the diction,

The syllables that merge sprinkling in silent whispers dew from the heart’s breath, sink they might through the walls of our soul..

A musical connotation juggling through the atomic presence of life… flowing from the heart strings.. Escaping the parted lips of the unseen child…

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8 thoughts on “Tongue foreknown yet unknown

  1. equinoxio21

    Nice Pranitra. Foreknown or forlorn?
    (What do you teach? ‘hope your students appreciate the most certainly great teacher that you must be)

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    • Thank you:) this context meaning a universal language through which all souls can connect..
      I teach 4 th grade kids..share all that I know.. Math, science, English, and bit of art now and then.. 🙂 they are great kids.. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Thoughts and commented:

    “Do you remember what Darwin says about music? He claims that the power of producing and appreciating it existed among the human race long before the power of speech was arrived at. Perhaps that is why we are so subtly influenced by it. There are vague memories in our souls of those misty centuries when the world was in its childhood”.- Aurthur Conan Doyle

    I could not help reblogging this post, when I came across that quote, because that is what I almost meant in my poem, it so wonderful sometimes to find resonating thoughts turn up in different ways and in such quotes. It is sometimes so difficult to speak or connect with people even when you really want to, there are so many barriers that have been built in the structure we have given to our lives. But Music and Poetry is that one level that can walk through those walls if the souls listen at the same wavelengths.

    Sometimes I find language, words so very limiting, because they are like the middleman, trying to express what the soul is breathing as it thinks. But you see, a bit of the exhaled breath is lost,but music ain’t like that. Though poetry does channel it well, it is almost like music or should I say it is music. Good music gives one a high, but the one must listen, really listen.

    I am just going to share this link I came across, couldn’t help this sudden impromptu post.

    Happy Writing, singing, reading..creating basically:)

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    • “Happy Writing, singing, reading..creating basically:)” – Yes, that is it. Art and creating is letting our inner self, our soul, express itself in a way beyond normal conversation. A poem, a symphony or painting – they are just self expressions. Of course there are other primal languages of looks and touches that go beyond the spoken word, but they are very singular – with a song I can touch a million people, each one as an individual and let each of those million individuals look into my eyes if they dare. But then again, the art side is also the lonely path – if we look into each others eyes I receive back from you, but if you are listening to my music, looking into my musical eyes and seeing something of me, I don’t know it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say 🙂 I enjoyed the poem just as much the second time around.


      • It makes total sense, Knowing someone as an artist, only an artist, it’s a one way connection. We see ourselves in their art sometimes, we lured into the artist’s mind and through his or her mind our thinking, I wouldn’t say rises to another level but rather wanders to new places. Yes, its a lone path, lacking the lustre of knowing the person through a normal chat.
        And yes, a touch, a look speak more than just words unless those words are through music or poetic lines. But I find that people almost rarely want to go beyond normal conversation even open honest expressions are not only rare but also rarely given there credit.

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      • You’re right. And it is sad that so many people just want to live on the surface. It’s what’s below that makes life so interesting… And when we catch that glimpse through another’s art – it is magic, a connection like no other.


      • And thank you for reading the poem and I posted something on the same lines today:)


      • I’ll be sure and take a look.


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