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That word..

The word is not be defined, it likes its much coveted delusional existence,

Groaning in a soul, whimpering in silence, exuberant in its momentary success,

A breath blowing into another breath, so close is the flesh, eyes whisper and lips tremble,

Shaking within, expecting a sudden exhilaration that throws you upwards, is it the path to your haven?

Like one suddenly found the point of incidence of existence, the touch of another that binds you to you..

Yet as the affected being sways, floats in a daze of hope, he seeks only..only his hearts contentment,


Much of his nature is now brittle, corroding, and flecks of him…of you dissolve in the definition,

Corrupted do you feel is your stance on the existence of it, fooled are you.. in denial..

The swinging pendulum of your time an axe that swipes through you,

How might you define that shrivelled being in you, thwarted by that noumenon’s definition?

Looking to the heavens, do you wish to escape from yourself?


Do you wish to undo all that you did to yourself, do you understand that we mentor the demons and angels- Love’s offspring

We breed what kills us.. we forget there is more than just another being..

We cripple ourselves, unable to walk around the world to find the enchantments that bind us to this nature..

Blinded.. by need, by taught verses of it..of love..that word..

It’s a need to exist for that which mirrors you.. the reflection in the pond ain’t enough..

There is much of nature in us, in vain we try to find our equilibrium in another unstable host..

Defining existence, defining it is like to trying to strangle infinity..We stretch shredding and peelling ourselves to pieces..

Instead of entwining ourselves around the light of nature..


As you dribble your soul through this plot.. the parables of your life which you wretch and sing..

Living poetry is life…

The coveted delusional has a mind of its own.. we might never see through it..

Let the wretched love flow in your veins till you die.. so might have lived an epic of a life..

At sundown.. drown that gaping hole.. sooth those sculpted scars ..with colors of bright dimming sun-the son of nature

And yet..

I loved you.. like I will  love no other..

I loved like love was all that existed…

I love you through the fog that drapes around you..

I felt like I knew I would love you like this.. I can only hope it sleeps soundly as I walk away to life..

And I loved you in different ways.. love is pain.. love is death.. love is fortitude.. it’s a whim just as life is..