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Song Bird

As you circumscribe around the time gone by..

Do you feel the emptiness gallop ahead of you..

He was there.. and then he wasn’t.. I wonder who he was..


There was sun shine above my eye.. and the rays flitted rattling the dense lashes..

Almost blinded by the sodden waves of warmth..

I wished to be doused in his inflamed eyes.. supple smile…


Hidden traits of cottoned love.. surpass the walls of angst and unforgiving halls of louder howls..

I wonder if he shall stay till the morning rises and the breeze sets…

The touch of orchids… the lull of free smoldering calls of phantom eyes..

I wonder if he shall listen to the sinking and rumbling hum of his name..


I wonder if can give the free bird a little shelter at his orchard gate..

When the night crawls upon her Irish eyes..

The song bird flies into the brazen night..


Yet stalls she at the abyss in the sky.. for none are around on the damp night..

Damp from silence.. Damp from coagulant mourning of the passing time..

Drawn into a drought.. famine in the nesting night..


She sings the melancholy stirring of huddled hues and crumpling lies..

Love shall be lost.. but shall I pause… love shall live.. shall I thrive..

Who shall I find as the shine ripples through the skies..

Of whom shall I sing.. as the caravan bids me good bye..

Gates shall close.. who might I find in the blurring light…

Would his sapphire eyes still call me in the daylight.. cave me in the night…


P.S:- Hello all, Its been a very very long time since I have ventured into writing on this blog ,almost a year. And I have been missing it a lot..So I thought to myself, maybe I ought to try coming back to it,however rusty I might be. Writing , a writer, can’t let go off.. but I do miss expressing, communicating in my way to people who could read and connect..wherever they might reside.

Songbird: was an old piece of writing.. I hope you enjoy it:)


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