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Love through a prism

Its in a man’s and woman’s  nature to want..

To stare into the day and wonder what one is going to get..

“Am I giving enough love to get back a little more?”


Nature by itself serves.. mingles within itself to prosper..

The particles.. the morsels.. the humming bird and the still leaves..

one for the other.. without question…


Maybe man’s nature is a complex addendum of each of nature’s phenomena..

The heat of the infinite light sucking away the droplets..

The shades solace.. the trees..what do they take away?

Born from death.. born from pain and sweat..?


Man’s love is a ray of light distracting through the planes of a prism..

The multifarious light darkening and lightning the life.. the soul..

The draining pain peeling away the layers of self preservation..

Breathing hazy turning blue..

The red of blush when rarely glistens the pale skin..does it now?

Its only a fantasy….an illusion that dawned in another love year ago..

She craves for the blossom of soft nourish.. a fond touch..

A clambering passion.. hinging on to time.. ravishing each moment..

Each passing instant reminding the two of dusk that could stray the two apart..

Blooming of want in his eyes..a hunger for solace in her arms..

“Its been a seems a life.. since I have felt love that could borrow me from time..”

She Mumbles..

Steal her life.. rob her soul of any doubt.. any treason that life could commit..

Its been life my friend since love sought her..  a love that warrants the name of love..

The friction and wave and sway of it. the darkening and breathless sorrow of it..

Its been mind numbing pain.. its been life sans innocence.. sans rest..


Just treason.. so was that love? And is this love? Again which pain is love and which isn’t?

Which shade of love do I believe.. which shade of love must I forgo?






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