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Quick fix or good fix?

Quick fix or good fix?
Which one would you recommend for a soul in a fix?

Hates comes easy to the heart..
So does vengeance…it’s partner in crime..
Then love and empathy , they seem so down trodden ,Hanging on the brim of that hollow self?
Men and women tend to forgo the command of their search for all that is gold and silver,
The simplest bonds of innocence seemed to be just foliage, a bothersome heap in the corner of their bitter home to self..

Feeling tired yet of the much bitterness about nothing…? All of this for just a quick fix..

Ohhh o… so much for a good fix when the ranting never ceases…
But the pen speaks..steers its drawn prose.. across the puzzle…and it all fits..
Effuse a pinch of happiness that knows no reason..
Because thee fits so well in thee…

Simple and true is the heart…
It shall feel all.. the bitter, the numb, lustful anger…
And the sweet and the resonating pulses with self..
In solitude it knows pain.. but in solitude it knows hope..

Solace it finds in trust on self.. and on the pen that forges a story for its substantial self..
Sometimes fictitious..- just a wish and at times a wish so true – like the sound of an awakened child smearing a smile in thy eyes..

Sip the tea…
drain the boisterous and pitiful, nonsensical and glib hunter of all that is grouchy..

The tea simpers a peace…
For the humble heart has its fix… it fits and rests well in its cell..a Phoenix loving and reviving through every whiff of life..
It’s well looked after by thy own breath.

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Strange Uncertainty

There are times when one feels to present to be a constant companion..

The familiar reality one lives in.. one shall live on in the same greys and greens…

As though there is nowhere else this framed moment can trample into..

The people.. most of all the friends and foes shall last..

But may I tell u… that even in the most heartening moments..there lurks a fear…

A fear that all there is will be gone.. a newness might forge way..

The beautiful bonds might just never be…

The threads intertwined in so unruly a manner..

It might just run aloof to another pinch of soul..

I might never matter to these beings in moments of reality however afar from now..

Meek a luck of fate.. one might come along with another in a journey far along..

Yet.. the fear engulfs me… for I so entrust those in my realm with powers as such to bewitch my heart…

The fear I never will be in their line of framed moments as though I never was…

Shall I loose you my friends…? Shall you be in lands afar in flesh and mind…

As we wade in the direction of that where we can grab something more…

Is the now never enough for thy heart and souls..

Are you not bound by my love to these moments as I am..

For I feel and fear far too deeply.. that specks of moments will cease to exist..

As we dig and grapple and fly to to the far west.. in search of smiles more beautiful..

Gold more enamored.. ambience more wholesome a feast …

Time and fortitudes take so much away from us..

When the waves wither away the silver and bronze and gold is squandered away in the tides…

In flesh when are left only your thoughts and you..

Will you find me in flesh???

Will I be by your side?? Will our hands will intertwined..?

Tides have a pattern.. Waves resonate in their own manner

And all that is in life along the shore or in the ocean seem to be fiddled with…

Like an incomplete pattern.. that never resonates..

Destiny can beaten.. only if thy wills to dream it..

Can thee beat this conundrum and does thee will to?

Strange uncertainty is a dreadful destiny.. a world might exist where I cease to in urs.. and cease to in all..