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Far away from the scent of hindrances that float in the air

Far away from the fame that draws your breath..

Far away from the written destiny that becomes your mind..

Far away from spaces that leave you abruptly volatile…

Folds your mind into cozy corner meant for dreams and treats of life..

A corner that you ought light as often as the day.. scolds that hopeful heart..

It seems a piece, a heartbeat was left behind in a hurry ,

Far away from your dwellings these days..

An old friend misses a piece of you , a piece you pinned into the ground on your way away from home…

The Home in you misses you.. may you ride back to that place afar..

Might you find your love in that place of bliss clad in your memoirs of sweetest parables ..

Love that serenades you from within.. with each passing day frees your smile from the crowded rituals..

A hut with a roof of hay and earthy freshness beneath your skin….

A solace lives in that place…

To find a phosphorus blend of dreamy silliness and a trust of all unknown..

Aaah..those selfless lives thee lived in thy own lifetime..

A hopeless romantic nuance ploughs into thy rickety heart..

For all the dried leaves cast of sheath of hope in the lightened corner..

Romance of love.. it lies beyond that bridge to your home..

A foolish desire to find the softest eyes in crowd.. whose could it be? But yours..

Your eyes watching you crave more.. yet having all in beneath your feet..

A pristine calmness of home in your heart..

Describing to you what was amiss but could never be found..

Found only afar in thy own heart.. beyond the bridge in the earthy freshness..

Wistfully awaits thy home..

A hut with a roof of hay and earthy freshness beneath thy skin….