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It ain’t that simple

It was suppose to be simple

Dedication , care, patience…

Honesty, empathy, compassion…

I walk in ur shoes .. u walk in mine..

And then we walk together..

There is a passion brewing..

And we flow with our depths…

We sip our morning freshness…

The cup of coffee caressing our smiles and stirring our conversations..

But then it never was simple ,was it…?

Game of words..

Game of feelings not to be spoken..

Questions not be sprung…

Power saddling the bond…

Truth has run wayward..

And love is not the master of the ride anymore..

It’s crept to hedges and hides from power..

Hides in the game where just one falls and the other walks on..

It ain’t that simple , is it?


wandering in a field of nothingness..

3 thoughts on “It ain’t that simple

    1. One can only wish to simplify it . And the last post was a bit on the rough side of emotions and thoughts. I did read ur blog , I found that u have been busy , and hence thank you Trent, for making time to read both my posts.

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      1. I initially missed your first post because I was pretty much off line, but I’ll always make time to read your posts 🙂 The last post was on the rough side and I’m sure it colored the way I read this one.

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